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Are you a mirror or a sponge?

February 13, 2019 by Comments

He was yelling at her, and every word came like fast pelleting darts – they hit hard and they stuck. He was pissed and he was letting her know it.  She was the dart board, the target, the sponge that absorbed and soaked up all the negativity. It sucked.

A friend suggested to her that when people attack you verbally, be the mirror, reflect back to them what they are spewing so that the words bounce right off you and back at them. It diffuses the negativity and creates a boundary that clearly says “Sorry, not taking that on. No way, no how. And I still love you.”

He was yelling at her again, and every word came like darts, targeted for the dart board.  But this time she didn’t let them in became she became the mirror.  “I see that you’re angry.  I see that you’re hurt.  I’m so sorry you feel like shit.  I see your pain. I hear your frustration. ”

This time she felt no pain, no negativity, no energy drain.  She smiled.  She felt powerful, full of compassion and free to be at peace.

Being a sponge sucks.  Being a mirror is magical.


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