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An Unwelcome Bed Guest

May 15, 2018 by Comments

MAN: It’s palpable…it wakes up with me.  Kind of like an unwelcome bed guest – or a cat that sleeps by your head, or a dog at your feet.

WOMAN:  I know, me too. There’s a split second when I awake feeling peacefull and then bam! It’s back.

MAN: I stay in bed a couple of minutes to reset my energy, work to give this unwelcome guest a shove out of my mind, but sometimes it’s so big, so in your face.

WOMAN: Yep, I hear you.  I get it.

MAN:  I just think we need a vacation.  Some time away from all this drama, craziness, insanity.

WOMAN: Well that’s not going to happen.  At least not now for a while. But what if…

MAN: What if what?

WOMAN: What if, we took a vacation from fear?

MAN: Umm, not getting it.

WOMAN: If we put our minds to it, I mean really put our minds to it, and made a firm commitment to not allow fear to enter our consciousness, we could do it for a week.  I mean it’s only a week, not forever.  Just a vacation, a time-out, a respite from the barage of negativity.

MAN: I can do that…I think.  At least I’m willing to try.

WOMAN: There’s no trying here.  You gotta just do it.  Say goodbye to fear, starting NOW – for a week.

MAN: Done. Starting now for a week, no fear.  I’ll pack the suntan lotion, you pack the beach chairs…:)

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