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Angel Pictures And Angel Photos Don’t Do The Real Thing Justice

September 9, 2013 by Comments


Angels here, angels there, angels everywhere….

Angel pictures remind us to how to change our life!

Angel pictures, angel photos, angel quotes – angel, angel, angel. People just can’t seem to get enough of the angelic realm.  Thankfully….

What the heck is an angel anyway?

But what is an angel exactly? Are you an angel? Am I an angel? Are angels dead people guiding us, or, souls from the spirit side that never die?  Very confusing to describe, label or categorize angels, but nonetheless an energy presence that lovingly swirls around in practically every culture known to man.  Different names, different representations, all types of angel pictures, but still, us humans want to believe that beyond our seeing eyes there is a world of ethereal beings that are guiding and loving us.

Whatever you believe angels to be, wouldn’t you agree that the main purpose of the angelic energy is to be A Noble Guardian Encouraging Love?  Doesn’t matter if an angel comes in human form, spirit form, nature form, a pendant, angel pictures, a statue or engraved on a mug.  Angels represent the good, the kind, the loving in all of us.  It is who we aspire to be!


me an angel photo? get out of town! Me an angel? I guess the proof is in the angel photo

Recently, my magnificent artist friend, Perry Kroeger, gifted me with a photo of myself as an angel. (Perry is also the artist for the other angel photos in this post!). It took me  aback at first because I certainly don’t see myself as an angel (I’ve yelled at my kids more than I like to admit, flick the finger at drivers that cut me off, and have steam coming out of my ears if you mess with my family).

But am I an angel? Are you? Are we all?  Better yet, why not?!!  I like the idea of every single person I meet being an angel – having invisible wings concealed within their backs, ready at any moment to drop a simple act of kindness into someone’s lap.


angel pictures serve to remind us that we are one!

Angel pictures, angel photos, all types of angels show up all day!

So funny how today as I’m writing this post, I’m checking out an ebook by my friend and fellow personal growth writer, Julie Bond Genovese, and the first page I land on is her angel picture and angel quote to the right.

Then, as I’m checking out a new tv pilot about a single mom who takes on the job of coaching a team of misfit baseball players, it turns out that the name of the team is the Angels (renamed the Angels due to a printing error on the team shirts).


angel photos ignite our spiritual awakening 10 ways to know if you’ve been served by an angel


I really do believe that once you start looking for something it starts to show up.  So start looking for those angels, in person as well as in angel pictures, angel photos or angel quotes! And don’t get fooled by appearances (like someone is homeless and grungy). Here’s a couple of ways to know whether or not you’ve been “touched by an angel.”


1 – Did someone just put a smile on your face?

2 –  Did someone just compliment you?

3 – Did your kid offer to mow the lawn and actually do a great job?

4 – Did your husband or wife give you an unsolicited neck massage?

5 – Did a stranger do you a solid? Like remind you (as you’re leaving empty handed) to take your sweater with you?

6 – Did a customer service rep give you a full refund without an argument?

7 – Did your $30 seats in the balcony turn into $130 seats when you arrived at the theater unbeknownst to you?

8 – Did the coffee person at the coffee shop make a cappuchino to die for and feel such great pride that you loved it?

9 – Do you see double and triple digits often?  Accourding to Doreen Virtue, these type of number combos are angel codes!  Pay attention to your thoughts and what you’re manifesting at the time of double/triple sightings.

10 – when you sneezed, did someone say “God Bless You!”


angel pictures awaken our hearts Are angel photos and angel pictures of flying ethereal beings an accurate representation of angels?

Although I’ve spent much of my life looking for a spirit type person with wings to show up, (yes, those angel pictures and angel photos established my visual expectation of what an angel looks like – just like the photos of God as an older white dude with white hair and a white robe created an unreal image of the universal oneness), I realize now that ALL of us have the ability to be angels. It’s just a matter of knowing it, believing it, and using our invisible wings. When you realize this, there are angels here, there and everywhere…


Share some angel stories will ya?  I love hearing them.  Makes my day!


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