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Anxiety Relief Tips for What if???

March 1, 2013 by Comments

anxiety be gone!

I love easy anxiety relief tips!

A poem for all you people (who like me) at times (or many times) have “What if?” as an anxiety producing mantra.  Are you ready for an easy and cool anxiety relief tip? Are you ready to shift into the wondrous possibility of “Imagine if?” Inspired by my facebook quote last week as well as Geert’s video today….off to attack a lion and a shark (Geert’s video will explain).





What if?  SO WHAT! (thank you Geert)

What if?  GET LOST!


What if?  WHO CARES!

What if? SHUT UP!


What if? YEAH, RIGHT!

What if? What if? What if?

IMAGINE IF….I accept it all

(Ahhhhh, deep sigh of relief)


Check out Geert’s video at


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