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Life Sucks…Just Kidding! The Musical!

February 9, 2018 by How to Change Your Life Inspirational Words Personal Development Personal Growth Shiftitudes


Just Watch This…Brilliant.

May 6, 2016 by How to Change Your Life Inspirational Words

Just watch this…truly an amazing teacher and commentator of our time. Up there with MLK and Deepok…:)

Relax into your well-being

Shake it off….

February 3, 2016 by How to Change Your Life

Recently it’s come to my attention that various health practitioners are using “shaking” to help release stored up negative energy that once stuck in the body creates all types of dis-eases and stress. Click above to see why “shaking” is becoming a powerful health exercise!

inspirational words remind you to express yourself

Are you a mirror or a sponge?

October 22, 2015 by How to Change Your Life

How do we stay neutral and not let other people’s negativity shake us to the core? Here’s an idea…..

BEing Neutral

October 14, 2015 by How to Change Your Life Inspirational Words

I haven’t heard this word used from a “personal growth” standpoint, but I’m liking it a lot today as a great word to add to my PG arsenal.

Back To School Isn’t Just About Your Kids!

August 25, 2015 by How to Change Your Life

Articles are popping up about getting our kids ready for back to school. But what about the parents? Here’s a way to make it a happy shift for everyone!

Kids and Menopausal Mamas – Yiddish Words To The Rescue!

August 5, 2015 by How to Change Your Life

The problem with having kids when you’re older is that they are still around when you’re going through menopause: a dire combination of the worst kind…:) See how Yiddish words came to the rescue!

Control or Curiosity?

July 30, 2015 by How to Change Your Life

What does control mean to you and how does it serve you? Do you constrict, choke and coerce when you’re dealing with your kids? Or, are you curious, creative and collaborative?

What IF or What IS?

June 5, 2015 by How to Change Your Life

Do you get stuck in the “What If?” where worrying, anxiety and negative anticipation hijacks your energy? Click above to see how when you change one word, everything changes…:)

What is attitude and how does it affect you?

Go Ahead…Feel Sorry For Yourself!

May 13, 2015 by How to Change Your Life Personal Growth

When I was a kid I remember people saying “oh, don’t feel so sorry for yourself. snap out of it!” Maybe that wasn’t such good advice. Maybe I just stuffed down feelings that needed to be heard, held and healed….what’s the alternative? Click above to find out…..

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