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A positive mental attitude starts with WHY?

How To Shift Into A Positive Mental Attitude…:)

October 29, 2018 by How to Change Your Life Inspirational Words Positive Self Affirmations

A Positive Mental Attitude Starts With The One Word Question, “Why?

I AM The “I” of the Storm

October 25, 2018 by Personal Growth Shiftitudes

Finding our center in chaos….

How do you change your life for the better? Have faith in yourself!

Turbulence…AHHHHH!!!! Or Ahhhh…:)

October 22, 2018 by Personal Growth Shiftitudes

Does hitting big bumps necessarily mean the end?

Relax into your well-being

Let The Orgasmic Interruptus Begin…

October 11, 2018 by How to Change Your Life Inspirational Words

Never-ending beginning, middle and….ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I BARE myself to life – without taking my clothes off!

September 15, 2018 by Inspirational Words Personal Development Personal Growth

How do you bare yourself to life?

Find Your Way Back Home

September 14, 2018 by How to Change Your Life Shiftitudes

What do you do when your kid’s in crisis and there’s nothing left to do? You write and you pray….

Speed up your spiritual awakening with an inspiring community!

Neglected Tomatoes

September 10, 2018 by Personal Development Shiftitudes

When perspective is a game changer….

Too quiet

September 3, 2018 by Personal Development Shiftitudes

When is silence too quiet?

For God’s Sake!

August 30, 2018 by Personal Growth Shiftitudes

If it’s not one thing, it’s another…:)

what if we only lead from our hearts?

From The Heart

August 27, 2018 by Personal Development Shiftitudes

The heart trumps every time…..

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