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Chipmunk Chatter

June 25, 2018 by Comments

Driving home


Mom, Daughter


MOM:  Damn, I think I just ran over a chipmunk.



MOM: Uggh. I can’t believe it.

DAUGHTER:  Are you sure?


MOM:  Pretty sure but I just hope it’s dead and not half dead suffering in the road. I gotta go back and make sure.

DAUGHTER:  Mom, I don’t think you hit it.


MOM:  Well, I gotta go back and find out.

DAUGHTER:  Mom, you should work for the animal protection agency or whatever it’s called.  You won’t even kill a fly.


MOM:  That’s not true.  Flies are the exception to my “no kill” rule.  

DAUGHTER:   Remember that baby bird you saved last year – almost?


MOM:  That sucked. Nursing it all day and then it didn’t make it.  I just figure that maybe  I’m a small creature to something much bigger than me so if I’m nice to the little guys, someone up there will be kind to me when the times comes.    

DAUGHTER:  So let’s go back then – it’s only  a couple of blocks back.


MOM:  You sure you don’t mind?  I know it’s late and you’ve been working all day.


DAUGHTER:  I know you – you won’t sleep tonight if you don’t find out.  Let’s go.


(Mom turns the car around and retraces her steps.  They arrive back at the block where the chipmunk was hit.  They drive up close to check out the state of the chipmunk. Mom is leaning her head out the window to get a better look.)


MOM:  Yep, I killed it.


DAUGHTER:  It looks pretty dead tho.  That’s a relief.  


MOM: I’m going to get out and move it to the side of the road.

DAUGHTER:  Are you crazy?  You can’t touch that thing.  Rodents have all kinds of diseases!


MOM:  Maybe I should run over it one more time just to make sure?


DAUGHTER:  Uggh! That’s gross mom. Look, it’s eyes are popping out and it’s not breathing or moving. I think it’s time to    let the chipmunk go. He’s probably up in heaven already so you can relax.


MOM:  How do you know it’s a he and not a she?

DAUGHTER:   Come on mom, let’s go home.

MOM: Okay, okay.  You know I did try to weave out of the way but it just came under the car so fast.

DAUGHTER:  It’s okay mom.  It was the chipmunk’s time.


MOM:  I just wish he/she was a fly instead…..





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