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Such A Bad Rap….

August 17, 2018 by Comments

Dark and Light


DARK:  I just don’t get it.

LIGHT: Get what?

DARK: Why I’m the bad guy! You’re the angel and I’m evil incarnate.

LIGHT: That’s not true.

DARK: Sure it is!  Everyone sees me as the place where all the bad stuff takes place. The boogey man hides in the dark, ghosts appear in the night, the angel of death is all covered in dark black as night robes, and references are always made to the darkness as the place where negativity lurks and awful shit happens.

LIGHT:  I don’t see you that way though.  Without you, seeds don’t germinate, fetuses don’t have a place to turn into babies, people wouldn’t sleep properly, and the moon has no place to shine.  I’m one of your biggest fans!

DARK: Thanks light.  Always good to have you in my corner.  

LIGHT: We gotta find another term for negative energy since humans have mistakenly connected you with all those energies that don’t serve them. You and I, we’re not opposites, we’re complimentary. Yin and yang, off and on, up and down, light and dark.

DARK: Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.  You and I, we’re powerful healing energy, we create the whole.  It’s fear goddammit. That damn fear. Messed everything up.

LIGHT:  Fear definitely messes humans up every time.   

DARK:  Fear was so slick. Taught humans that the dark is a place where the bad stuff lives: fear, evil, anger, terror, desperation, grief, aloneness, worry, you name it.

LIGHT: So instead of complaining, let’s focus right now on how to change your image.  Get these humans to give you credit and recognition for your brilliance.

DARK: I’m just at a loss.  It’s been such a long haul.  For their entire existence humans have pointed to the dark as the home of negative energies. Yet, so many of them have to go through the “DARK night of the soul” to become enLIGHTened! Ha!  

LIGHT: You’ve definitely got the raw end of the stick Dark. We need a new marketing and branding strategy for you. I’m beat though.  Can we figure this out in the morning?

DARK: Sure.

LIGHT: You ready to go to sleep?

DARK: Yep. You turn off and I’ll turn on so we can get some shut-eye. Night light.

LIGHT: Night Dark.




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