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Facebook or Falsebook?

April 28, 2015 by Comments



I had a friend ask me the other day if I was really as happy as I looked in a recent Facebook picture.  A strange question I thought, but it got me thinking….

Are all those “happy people faces” really reflecting how the person is feeling?  Are the pictures we see PIC-TRUE, or, just a facade that works to show each person in their superficial prettiest, perfect, light? Better yet, do facebook fans – especially kids – take the pictures they see at “face” value, or, do they realize that there’s more to their friends than just a pretty face and a seemingly wondrous life?

Is Facebook a tool that helps people feel inspired and uplifted, or, is it a detrimental, phony baloney format that encourages a false representation of who we are to the world?  This is an interesting question when it comes to our kids: does facebook encourage a greater sense of self as they post their “happy faces,” or, a lack of self-esteem as they feel the need to constantly put on an “I got it together” face?

easy mindfulness exercises to support your affirmations It hasn’t been long enough to truly tell, but it’s going to be revelatory in years to come to see how our kids are affected by the almost incessant interaction they have with each other as a part of a “FALSEbook” that only lets the viewer see what the picture taker wants them to.  Will they be able to truly develop authentic relationships and feel comfortable showing ALL their sides?

Is Facebook as insidiously dangerous to the truth of who we are as are the many family sitcoms through the ages that have shown us an unrealistic and illusionary version of the true nature of family life?

Or, are the happy go-lucky pictures on facebook, like the family sitcoms, important reminders and records of who we want to BE and how we would like to feel each and day, each and every moment?  Isn’t it wonderful to see all the happy faces and wonderful things happening for people? Isn’t it uplifting to see pictures of the cool places people go, the wonderful experiences that are taking place in their lives, and the people that they are connecting with that fulfill their hearts?

Your thoughts?


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