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Freak out? Nah, not me…

January 26, 2015 by Comments

On oldy but goody TRUE story that always helps me keep the faith when I start to waiver….

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.57.02 PM Scenario:  9pm at night, and Ali is brain-dead from spending over 7 hours at the Rockaway Mall shopping with Lexi and a friend.  About 15 minutes into a 30 minute drive home…

Ali:  OH SHIT!  I think I left Lexi’s computer (a Macbook no less) in the friggin’ parking lot!  Lexi, quick check the back and see if it’s there….(Ali’s heart is racing and although her mind is fried it’s quickly starts babbling with anxious anticipation that she did indeed forget the friggin’ computer which she brought to the mall to fix and had so carefully kept by her side the whole entire shopping trip).

Lexi:  Mom, it’s not here.  How could you forget the computer?  That’s something dad would do –  not you!

Ali: OH SHIT, OH SHIT…..when I put down the computer to put all the shopping bags in the car, I forgot it.  (“Okay,” I thought to myself. “I have two choices.  I can freak the frig out, or, I can practice keeping calm and knowing the best.  Okay, okay.  Here goes. I’m going to see a bunch of angels hanging out around the computer watching it until we get there.”)

(Ali keeps deep breathing, vacillating between kicking herself in the butt, getting pissed off and freaked out and knowing the computer will be there.  Shifting between bemoaning the fact it would really suck to have to shell out money for a new laptop and knowing the computer will be there. She keeps telling herself that things have been working out pretty good these past couple of weeks and why shouldn’t it be the same now? She’s been looking for gifts everyday and they have been showing up, so why not now?)

Ali:  Okay guys, think positive thoughts.  Let’s do a quick treatment (another word for prayer from the Science of Mind teachings).

Lexi:  Oh mom….

Lexi’s friend:  Shush, Lexi. Let your mom do her thing…

Ali: I know that the universe is a kind, loving and giving energy and that I am one with this source.  I ask and it is given and right now I’m asking that Lexi’s computer is exactly where I left it.  Angels do your thing and keep Mac-y-poo safe until we get there.  I am grateful and appreciative and loving of all that is – really, really, really. I release this prayer and know that all is well (even if the laptop isn’t there).  And so it is.

At 9:30pm (30 minutes after we left the mall), we drive into the Rockaway Mall parking lot and zoom up to the space I was in. The computer is there, laying in the spot I was parked in.  Lexi jumps out and retrieves it as the three of us scream with delight and amazement.

Universe you rock.


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2 responses to “Freak out? Nah, not me…”

  1. jujujubee2002 says:

    AWESOMESAUCE!!! Great story = )

  2. Diane says:

    Love this story! Yaaay!

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