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From The Heart

January 28, 2019 by Comments







Kitchen table, both looking at a picture on Delia’s computer.


DELIA: OMG Marty look at that face.

MARTY: Delia…..

DELIA: I know, I know, you don’t want a dog.

MARTY: It’s such a huge responsibility and expense.

DELIA: But he’s so friggin cute and Maria said his owner is going to put him in a shelter if we don’t take him.

MARTY:  Come on Delia we’ve been through this before.

DELIA:  I know, I know, but my heart is pulling me towards this dog.  My head is with you, but my heart Marty, my heart.

MARTY: Think about it D. We can’t come and go as we please.  We just became empty nesters 2 months ago and you want to tie us down with a dog?

DELIA: His name is Zeus, Marty.  Zeus. How cool is that? Such a big name for a little dog.  A big name and little poops. Kind of a great combination don’t you think?

MARTY: I don’t care how cool his name is, or how small his poops are!  You know I love dogs but I’m finally feeling a bit more like myself, more relaxed.  I don’t know D, I just don’t think it’s right for us now.

DELIA:  I know, I know. But Marty, he needs a home asap and we have such a big home.  Plenty of room and a yard. She said he’s a real love bug.

MARTY:  I know how much you want a dog but I can’t make a decision right now.

DELIA:  Okay, I understand.  I’m gonna check out the dog though okay? Let me meet him.  If you’re not into it, then I will respect that.

MARTY: Look, I hate saying no to you.  Especially when your heart is leading the way.  But you’re a sucker for a pretty face.

DELIA:  Well I fell for yours didn’t I? And look where we are now – 30 years later and going strong.

MARTY:  Don’t try to sweet talk me my love.  I know you too well…

DELIA:  I already told you that if we both don’t agree on this, then Zeus will just have to take his chances at the shelter.

MARTY: You’re doing it again…

DELIA:  Just telling it like it is.

MARTY: (pause) Let me see that picture again.

DELIA:  You sure?

MARTY: Yeah, my heart is telling me to.

DELIA: And you have the biggest and best heart.

MARTY:  Only because you love me.

DELIA: A pretty face and a big heart.  Sounds like you and Zeus have a lot in common.

MARTY: Oye.  I guess we’re getting a dog….



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