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“I Hate My Job.” But Do You Really?

October 19, 2014 by Comments

Ugggh…I hate my job!

i hate my job - but do you? I hate my job.”  Boy oh boy, how many times have you heard people say this? How many times have you said this? Too many times, right?

I’m not just talking about jobs we get paid for – I’m talking about all kinds of job we do from doing laundry to cooking meals to paying bills, carting the kids around and shoveling out snow.

 Maybe it’s not the job we hate, but rather WHO we are when we’re doing the job.

I hate my job = I hate how I feel when I’m doing this job

I hate my job = I hate feeling stuck

I hate my job = I hate feeling powerless

I hate my job = I hate feeling like a victim

I hate my job = I hate feeling like I’ve given up on my dream

I hate my job = I hate doing an activity that doesn’t feed my soul

Haven’t you noticed that the thing that bothers you about a job is WHO you are while you’re doing the job?  Doesn’t every job have a purpose? How many times have you done the laundry or paid the bills and it doesn’t bother you a bit.  Then other times these are the most tedious, annoying activities you can think of that are “taking you away” from something else you’d much rather be doing.   Check out the video below to find out more….


It’s really all about attitude and perception….

So if you are doing a job that you’re “not into,” how do you do the job and still maintain your sanity?

Easy: Make a commitment that whenever you’re doing any kind of “job” big or small, paid or unpaid, that you are going to bring JOY ON BOARD.


Mindfullness exercises help us learn how to change our life.
It’s truly amazing how a shift in perception can make even the most mundane, boring, tedious, unsatisfying job become tolerable – maybe even bearable and okay.

Here’s a mindfulness exercise how to turn “I hate my job” into “I am Joy On Board.”

1 – Anytime you hear yourself say the word JOB, stop for a minute, put your right hand up in stop sign mode.

2-  Put down one finger for each of the following words until you’ve created a fist. I AM JOY ON BOARD.

3 – take a deep breath

4 – with your hand still in a fist, fist pump your heart once or as many times as you like.

5 – feel the difference in your energy!

That’s it.  It’s as simple as 5 words.  Try it and see how your energy shifts from “I hate my job” to “ahh, this isn’t so bad – I can do this.”  This mindfulness exercise helps you to relax better into whatever it is you’re doing. And as we all know, the more relaxed and chill we are, the better we are at creating a vibration that is much more conducive to attracting the things that we want. Even a new job….:)


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