Inspirational words and inspirational sayings to the rescue!

In this busy, on the “go, go, go” lifestyle, do you sometimes (or many times!) have negative thoughts or yucky scripts running inside your head that do a number on your presence of mind, positive mental attitude and spiritual awakening?

Put spiritual awakening on your "to do" list today!

  • Do you crave inspirational words and positive self affirmations that allow you to think, feel and breathe a deep sigh of on-the-go relief?
  • Are you searching for inspirational sayings that are easy to remember and will change your life?
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Ali, how can inspirational sayings change my life???

These soul-nurturing, positive self affirmations will revitalize every thought you think as you change the way you "BE" your day.

Shiftitudes are quick, easy and fun inspirational words that serve as mindfulness exercises to instantly shift you from “Sucky to Soulful.” These inspirational sayings allow you to enjoy a spiritual awakening - no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

Positive self affirmations in music? Of course! Check out my unique and inspirational music - Shiftitunes!

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Soulfully yours,
How to change your life expert Ali Skylar
Ali Skylar
Shifting Expert