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My Interview With God

October 6, 2015 by Comments

“Just let go and let God.”  “Surrrender to God’s will.” According to many, us humans may not know “the bigger picture” but God sure does. If us humans ran businesses the way God runs life, would we choose  to work for God Inc.?

CEO God: Hi Ali. Thanks for coming in today for this interview.  From your resume, it looks like you’re a perfect candidate to work for our company! Basically, your job will be to go through the birth canal, enter physical form and spend much of your life trying to figure out what your purpose is as a spirit in human form.

Ali:  Hmmm. Sounds intriguing, but can you tell me why I would want to do that?

CEO GOD:  Well, I can’t tell you exactly why – but it’s for a good cause, to serve a higher purpose.  Only we here at GOD INC. know the big picture, the big master plan.

Ali: And how much am I getting paid to do this job?

CEO GOD:  Paid to do this? Sorry sweetheart, but it’s YOU who is going to do the paying – in blood, sweat and tears and possibly experience some cool personal growth and partial shedding of your egoistic traits. Oh yeah, and you get to eat chocolate and have great sex if you’re lucky.  Eventually, you’ll end up right back here and do this all again and again until I feel you’ve done it within the parameters of my big master plan.

Ali: Well that sucks! (Except for the chocolate and sex part).

CEO GOD: It’s just the way it is. You’re just going to have to trust me and surrender to my invisible “bigger picture” idea.

Ali: What kind of  insurance benefits package are you offering?

CEO GOD: Sorry, no insurance packet offered.  No retirement plan.  No 401K.  Just the opportunity to expand and explore and serve my plan.

Ali: Hmmmm.  Can I think about it?

CEO GOD: Of course, you can.  After all, I did create you with free will….:)

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