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Let’s All DO-BE, DO-BE, DO…BE!

April 15, 2015 by Comments

For week 1 of the 7 week parenting workshop I started a couple of weeks ago, we explored the concept of BEING while DOING.  Reminded me of a post I wrote years ago:  still pretty relevant today, although happy to say, I have BEcome much more of a BE-ER than ever before…:)

Bliss of being screenshot Our species is called human beings. But are we? It seems like most of us are human doings—no matter how evolved some people are. All day and night, we just do, do, do. And one of the hardest things I find to DO–is to just BE. And when I am just BEING, I’m not even sure I’m DOING it right!!!

Maybe a major reason we get so messed up here on planet earth trying to figure out our purpose, the meaning and contribution of our race to the planet, is that our species is named incorrectly: we should have been called human doings instead of human beings and then all our doings would have been for naught as well as spiritually correct! (My ego loves this idea.)

I’ve spent the last three years slowly, but surely, learning that the key to happiness is to just BE. BE in the now. BE still and hear the inner voice of spirit. BE for the sake of just BEING.

However,  I see many of us trying so hard to just “be” it’s practically killing some of us, as we push against the grain of our human side, our physical/mental side that takes such pride in our accomplishments, achievements and completed goals. All we (of course “we” referring to our mental mind) really want to DO is “DO” (just DO it, DO unto others as you they DO unto you, DO-wop, and most importantly, Scooby-DOobie, DO!).

Then again, I am so exhausted by all the things I have to DO everyday. I feel trapped in a life of doing, doing, doing, and going, going, going, that before long I’m afraid I’m going to be gone, gone, gone (at least from this physical existence).

So who DO I want to BE? Well, as I evolve, I realize that in order to be happy, I am going to have to learn how to balance both the human DOING side and the spiritual BEING side to become a perfect, whole and complete human DO-BE. That’s right, I’m renaming our species. We are now human DO-BEs that can sigh a sigh of relief and know that to DO is to BE and to BE is to DO.

DO-BE, DO-BE, DO….BE!  How you dobeing? (say this sentence like Joey from FRIENDS..:)

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