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“Mom, Are You Afraid To Die?”

January 8, 2019 by Comments

I want to change my life - but do I really?

(an oldie and publishing again because the discussion of dying came up with a friend).

My son woke me up at 1am this morning and asked me “Mom, are you afraid to die?”  

Not even conscious, and surprised to find him waking me up so late, I answered with an honesty that looking back at it now, I think was a pretty good answer.

You know all those times when kids ask you deep and meaningful questions right on the spot without any warning and you have to give an answer, hoping and praying that you’re saying the words that will uplift and bring peace?

Well, this was not one of those times: I didn’t have any time to assess or organize my thoughts or give myself 5 different responses to choose from…

So half awake, (or should I say half asleep), I said….”I’m not as much afraid to die as I am afraid to not get done what I want to do before I die.”

He seemed pretty cool with that answer.  What was even better was that I was pretty cool with my answer. Felt good to know that even half-conscious I come up with some uplifting and soothing words for my offspring.

So, are you afraid to die? Feel free to get the conversation started below…


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