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My half hero

August 26, 2019 by Comments


Setting: Sunday afternoon. Jamie and Ali are taking a leisurely hike with their cutie pie dog, Zeus Oliver.


ALI:  I told you

JAMIE:  You’re always right.

ALI: If you know that, then why didn’t you just listen to me?!?

JAMIE: If that little chorkie can walk this path, why can’t Zeus do it?

ALI:  What the heck is a chorkie?

JAMIE:  You know, that little dog we just passed that you didn’t say hi to because you were too busy trying to get some coconut water into Zeus.

ALI: You’re kidding me?  A Yorkie Chihuahau mix. Now that’s kinda weird.

JAMIE:  It did look more like a rat than a dog if you ask me.

ALI: So now what are you going to do?  Your dog is laying here flat in the grass not willing to move a muscle.

JAMIE: There’s only one thing to do.

ALI: And that is?

JAMIE: We’re going to have to leave him here for the wolves.

ALI: What?!?!?!

JAMIE: Oh come on, I’m just kidding. 

ALI: That’s not funny.  Besides, there are no wolves here, probably more likely hawks.

JAMIE:  So it looks like I’ll be carrying him down the path.

ALI: You’re lucky he’s only 10 lbs.

JAMIE:  At least he pooped out on me and not you.  Because I would definitely have to leave you behind for the wolves or the hawks cause there’s no way could I carry you down the path.

ALI:  My hero…not!

JAMIE:  Hey look! There’s a call phone over there on the right, under that tree.  So I couldn’t carry you, but I would for sure call to get someone up here who could.  And I would gallantly wait by your side until the rescue party arrived.

ALI:  Ahhh, my half hero…



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