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Let The Orgasmic Interruptus Begin…

October 11, 2018 by Comments

inspirational words just don't cut it! Boy, the conversations I have with my life coach, Lisa Brick, are just too cool.  Today, she noticed that much of my daily frustration comes from being interrupted in the middle of an experience.  I’m sitting down to write my e-course and I get a call from my daughter in NYC freaked out that her account is blocked and she can’t buy a metro-card and has to get to an audition NOW. I’m sleeping deeply and my teenage son wakes me up to have a philosophical conversation about the meaning of life NOW.  I’m sitting down in front of my computer to eat my egg on toast and watch an episode of Arrested Development and biz partner hubby comes down and says I have to look over and proof something NOW.  I sit down to read a book for 15 minutes (which I never do) and the dog starts barking his head off at a deer passing by. You get the idea.  Never-ending beginning, middle and…..ARGHHHHH!!!!!!

Lisa said it’s kind of like coitus interruptus – I’m not experiencing the orgasm of life.  I’m revved up and ready to release and create, or nourish and rejuvenate, but then I impound due to a deliberate interruption prior to completion of the task at hand.

Lisa penned this condition “quietude-us interruptus.”  But it’s not just my quiet time that is being interrupted – it’s my train of thought, my focus, my creative juices, and my flow.  So I’m calling this newly invented condition soon to be notated in all the great medical annuals, “flow-it-to-us interruptus.”  It’s energy that is flowing to us and then it’s cut-off, severed, stopped in it’s tracks. Constipation of the highest order.

So how do I make the middle my end?  How do I gain completion and fulfillment when I’m cut short more often than not?  Hmmmm.  Lower my expectations maybe?  Expect interruptions so they don’t piss me off as much? Give up my eggs on toast twice a week?  Pack a bag and go to Costa Rica?

I think I’ll just focus on be-calming instead of be-coming.  After all, if I’m not focused on coming, then the foreplay becomes so much more enjoyable.  I’ll stay and be-calm as a cucumber (notice all the sex references here?  Not done on purpose, they’re just “coming” as I write! LOL!).

Here’s to reframing the middle.  Let the orgasmic interruptus begin….


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