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Here’s A Positive Thought For The Day – Think With Your Heart!

October 2, 2013 by Comments

Why a positive thought for the day may not be the best way to create a good attitude..:(

positive thought for the day can change your life Have you had your positive thought for the day? How many times do we hear personal growth peeps telling us that if we “change our thinking, we change our lives?”

The word “think” is emphasized, I “think” because we are such a brain oriented society that we base our need to change on the same place in our psyche from which mostly live our lives – our head.

So in order to change our life and have a good attitude, is it really change your thinking, change your life? Is it enough to just “think” yourself into staying positive?


inspirational words can change your life! Is a positive thought for the day one that is created by the head or the heart?

For me, changing my thinking and having a positive thought for the day just doesn’t cut it.  Doesn’t work for me. I’m not having a problem with the word “think” (I think) it’s more so where am I “thinking” from? Most people believe that thinking is only in the brain.  When you hear the phrase “a positive thought for the day” where do you go?  Your brain, right?

For me, a positive thought needs to be anchored in two places: first, I think the thought in my head – the brain – where I gather information, much like a computer. Then secondly, I bring that thought into my heart – where I choose my responses and actions based upon the information gathered and stored in my brain.


what if we only lead from our hearts? Staying positive is about head and heart – together.

A positive thought for the day has gotta go down into your heart in order for it to REALLY change your life.  The union of head and heart is a must…without one, the other doesn’t work.  Kinda like yin/yang, male/female, laugh/cry, etc.

Bottom line? I suggest you change your thought, then change your feeling to change your life. It’s a two step process.  Head and heart go together like “…rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!”

You wanna stay positive and develop a good attitude?  Then change your thinking, change your feeling, and change your life! Or as one of my favorite teachers, Abraham-Hicks says “what you think, is what you feel, is what you get.”


be like buddha - hold a good attitude always 9 Mindfulness (or rather Mind/Heartfulness) Exercises that keep you staying positive whether you’re thinking or not!

1 – Many, many years ago, I will never forget medical intuitive, Dr. Robert Kandarjian sharing with me that our brains are meant To Have Info Not Knowledge. What?????? No way, Jose!  My brain was my best friend and I wasn’t having anybody diss my intellect..

I left my session ranting and raving about the ridiculousness of this. Robert, being the wise mentor and guide that he is, suggested that whenever I have a decision to make and I’m working from my brain, lovingly put the idea in your head into an imaginary elevator.  Then press the elevator button that says “heart floor” and see the elevator moving on down to the heart.  Feel the idea coming out of the elevator and moving into the heart.  NOW make your move…:).  This has been a very powerful process for me.  My good attitude has grown over the years because of this exercise.

2 – Whenever you hear the term “mindfulness” (as it is above in the title…:), change the term to “mind/heartfulness.”  This will automatically help you shift your focus, your attention, and your intention into your heart.  It feels totally different to make a choice about how to behave or respond when you consciously FEEL yourself doing so from a different consciousness point in your body – your heart.

3 – Try changing other things in your life besides your thoughts and feelings.  After all, change (Can Have A New Good/God Experience), can happen when you change even the littlest things!  Here are some things I’ve changed recently that have supported my positive thought for the day…:)

  1. You can change your husband and get a younger and improved model that stays awake after 10pm. This can definitely help you to stay positive and have a good attitude about life (just kidding! LOL).
  2. You can change your bra – and believe you me – if you’re on the chestier side, this will definitely change your life. (Holding those puppies up is the key to sagging belly fat).
  3. You can change ONE WORD in a sentence and change your life.  For example: “Are you f….. kidding me??” becomes “Are you friggin’ kidding me?” Much more polite and the person you’re talking to won’t get as defensive..:)
  4. You can get two rabbits for your son who’s dying to have a pet.  This will most certainly change your life.  Rabbit poop pellets everywhere….oye.
  5. You can change your breathing and truly amazing things happen.  Your stomach relaxes, you become more present and stress seems to slip away.  This has definitely changed my life for the better.
  6. You can change and uplift your face by smiling more.  A free facelift and it really does help you change your attitude. I was skeptical, but my jowles are looking a bit less jowly lately, and, strangers are complimenting me on my smile.  Very cool…:)


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