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Sardines In A Train

January 21, 2019 by Comments




Lady #1

Lady #2



PATH train from Hoboken to 33rd Street.  All NJ Transit trains going to Penn Station have been rerouted to Hoboken.  So there are just too many people on the track waiting for the PATH train.  All characters finally get onto a train. Everyone is squished like sardines in the car. Lady #1 and Lady #2 are leaning against Husband to keep from falling down. Husband has a dog in a carrying case steadied between his legs. Wife is schmushed up against the car door and barricaded in place by a suitcase of another passenger.


Lady #1 (to wife):  I hope you’re okay with me hanging onto your husband for support.

Wife:  Of worries.

Lady #1: He deserves a massage for being such a gentleman.

Lady #1 starts to massage Husband’s shoulders.  

All the passengers in vicinity, including Husband and Wife laugh.

Wife:  That’s the most action he’s gotten all week so I’m sure he’s happy.

Passengers laugh again.

Husband (to Lady #1):  You can lean on me anytime.

Train takes a nasty turn and everyone falls into each other.  Man holds up Husband from falling which prevents Lady #1 and Lady #2 from falling. Man is holding onto Husband’s arm to steady both of them.

Man: You okay sir?

Husband:  Thanks to you.

Man:  Just don’t expect a shoulder rub okay?

All the passengers in the vicinity laugh.

Lady #1 -(jokingly and rubbing Man’s shoulders)  Well then, I will give him another one since you won’t.

Lady #2 (to Wife): You sure you don’t mind?

Wife: If he’s happy, I’m happy.

Husband: I’m happy.  I just hope our pup is happy cramped up in the carrying case.

Lady #1:  You’ve got a dog in there?

Husband:  Yep, a yorkie named Zeus.

Lady #2:  You’re kidding me!  My little dog is named Zeus too.  

Wife:  How funny is that. Small world.

Lady #1: He’s not even barking or freaking out.  That’s pretty amazing.

Husband leans down to check in on Zeus in the carrying case between his feet.  

Husband:  Zeus you okay?  Good boy…

Wife: Is he okay?

Husband:  Seems fine.

Lady #1: For being such a nice guy, I’m going to rub your shoulders again.

Lady #2: Me too.

Both ladies rub Husband’s back.  Husband smiles. Wife smiles. Train arrives at 33rd street.  Everyone gets out, smiling, saying friendly goodbyes even though hot and sweaty, delayed by an hour, and squished like sardines.

Wife (to husband): That’s was pretty freakin’ cool how everyone was so nice to each other under those not fun circumstances. I’m almost glad the train got derailed.  Twenty minutes of strangers loving each other up.

Husband: Yeah, and I got a good couple of shoulder rubs out of the whole deal.  A good day if you ask me….




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