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See and Saw

July 26, 2018 by Comments


SEE – female

SAW – male


SEE and SAW are going up and down on a seesaw.


SAW:   Yo see

SEE:  Yeah saw

SAW:  You see what I see?

SEE:  No, what do you see Saw?

SAW: I see you See

SEE: And I see you Saw

SAW:  Shall we seesaw?

SEE:  With or without Margery Daw?

SAW: Hmmmm….


They seesaw a couple of times then stop.


SEE: Yo Saw

SAW: Yeah See

SEE: You know what I Saw?

SAW: No, what did you see?

SEE:  I saw you with Margery Daw the other day

SAW:  Now see here, we never said we were exclusive

SEE: I thought you saw that we were

SAW:  She is just a bit saw-seer than you

SEE:  I can be saw-see


SEE wiggles in a flirty way on her seat.

SEE:  See only me please


They seesaw for another couple of times then stop with SEE on the bottom, SAW on top


SEE: Yo See

SAW: Yeah Saw

SEE:  I’m feeling kinda low

SAW: I see that

SEE:  You wanna switch?

SAW:  You wanna saw and I’ll see?

SEE:  I thought you would never ask


They switch positions.  SAW holds her side of the seesaw while SAW jumps off and comes over to SEE’s side of the seesaw.  SAW sits on SEE’s seat, keeping the seesaw on the ground. SEE then walks over to the higher seat, tries to jump onto it but can’t.

SEE:  Can you saw a bit higher?


SAW lets his side of the seesaw go up a bit so that SEE can get onto the seesaw. SEE and SAW proceed to seesaw for a bit. They continue seesawing while saying the following lines.


SEE: (lovingly ) I saw you.

SAW: (lovingly) I see you.



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