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How To Shift Into A Positive Mental Attitude…:)

October 29, 2018 by Comments

A positive mental attitude starts with WHY? A positive mental attitude starts with the one word question,“Why?”

I’ve  come up with a very powerful four step exercise with four very cool inspirational words with the letter “W.” Doing this exercise will allow you to let go of expectations and get right to the heart of your deepest desires.  It’s called WHY..WHAT…WHAT…WHO. (Yep, that’s not a typo, it is 2 “whats”).

Here are a couple of snippets from Shift #2 in my course to give you an idea of where I’m going with this…..

How the heck does a positive mental attitude start with asking,“Why?”

1 – “Why?” focuses on the effect that has already happened. At this point, you cannot change an outcome because it has already happened. Although our ego loves to ask “Why?” it can make us nuts trying to figure out the why.  And personally, I’ve never experienced a positive mental attitude while I was in nuts

“Why?” serves an important purpose in that it shows you what the issue is that you’re bringing to the forefront of your mind and your heart for healing, clarity and resolution.

 “What you talking ‘bout Willis????

a positive mental attitude is possible for anyone! 2 – There are two “What?” questions that come up for me. The first What is from the ego, the second What comes from spirit. Our ego likes to fix things and feels that its worth is based upon physical manifestation. That’s why the “What can I do to fix this?” question allows you to step into creating an outcome that resolves the “Why?” issue through action. This has merit in that we live in a physical world and action is a necessary part of our existence and a positive mental attitude.

The 2nd What and your spiritual awakening begins!

3 – The second What question probes deeper into your consciousness and starts shifting you into the spiritual awakening of self-discovery and a positive mental attitude, by asking, “What am I being asked to learn from this experience? What am I being asked to let go of? What am I being asked to discover, to step into for my presence of mind and personal evolution?” This begins an inquiry into a place in our consciousness that is coming up for awareness and healing.

Who are you? Who, who – who, who!!!  (thanks Pete Townsend of The Who…:)

a positive mental attitude creates health and well-being 4 – The fourth step, the “Ahhhh” step, is when we’re able to ask “Who? Who can I BE as I deal with this issue?” This is the step where the true shift into a positive mental attitude starts to happen. It is where we start to shift into our higher consciousness. “Who do I want to be as I deal with this issue?”

Now we’re getting into the beingness of an experience and have some control over how we feel. With the “Who?” question we can always control how we perceive, think, and respond to an experience – no matter what is going on (either outside or inside) that has stimulated the initial “Why?” question. Once we get to the “Who” part of this process, we can feel the shift from the victim-based ego into the positive mental attitude of our spirit.


To get the entire exercise on how to get to your true WHO, check out Shift #2 in my fun and cool course,Transforming “Ahh Crap! Into  A“Wholy Shift!” It’s a downloadable PDF that you can get started on right away! Follow the directions and you’re off and running on a journey that is guaranteed to catapult you into achieving personal growth at the speed of life!

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