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The So-Called Husband

April 12, 2019 by Comments





A cocktail party


Lily:  We had such a great time.  Theater and then dinner afterwards with Hanna’s “so called” husband.  We got home a bit….

Anna interrupts

Anna: Wait a minute – step back. You said “so called” husband?  What the heck is that? And do I want one?

Lily: It’s complicated.  But basically, they’re in their 70’s and didn’t want to do the legal marriage thing for financial reasons but did want to privately and publically commit to each other.

Anna: Still not getting it.

Lily: They had a religious ceremony with family friends.  Just didn’t do the civil marriage license – nothing legally official on paper.

Anna: Does this mean they have “so called” sex?

Lily:  Well at their age, maybe….

Anna: And “so called” children? And “so called” friends?

Lily:   You’re really stuck on this “so called” thing aren’t you?

Anna:  Just got me thinking that’s all.  I love how they stepped out of the “so called” normal way of committing to each other. I think we should rename Hanna’s hubby the “so cool” husband.

Lily: Can I continue with my story already?

Anna:  You mean the “so cool” story about last night?

Lily:  Oye…




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