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Help!!! I’m Trapped!!!

October 15, 2018 by Comments

Once upon a time there was a spirit.  It was one of many spirits that were part of a big, outrageous, magnificent soul.

It lived everywhere and it was content. Peace of mind was its every moment experience.

One day though it wanted more.  It wanted to know more of what it could be.

The soul asked it’s maker how it could BE more and experience more.

So the maker kicked the little spirit’s ass down onto planet earth and said “EXPLORE!”

Well, the unlimited spirit, used to feeling expansiveness, limitless and free to move and zoom throughout time, freaked the frigg out as it landed into a limited body.

“HELP!!! I’M TRAPPED!!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!”  WAHHHHHHHHH!!!” it cried as it struggled to erupt out of A VERY TINY birth canal (you’d think the greater powers that be could make this opening a bit bigger??!!)

This spirit spent a lifetime trying to figure out how to bring it’s limitless consciousness into a limited physical structure.  Sometimes it succeeded – like when it was eating chocolate, or making love, or surfing the waves, or creating music, helping out others in need, or dancing, or petting it’s dog.

But other times it felt constricted and imprisoned and lost – when illness, pain, grief, frustration, fury, anger, confusion, fear, doubt and resentment filled it’s space.

The little spirit just didn’t know how to recreate it’s feeling of freedom it had ALL THE TIME before it wanted “more.” Now, it wanted MORE freedom, MORE of what it had before…..but how????  How to bring the limitless into the limited?  How to live in both worlds and feel free? How to bridge the gap and create a whole new paradigm for life on Planet Earth?

to be continued…….

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  1. Lisa Brick says:

    The illusion of limitation…

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