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Where you be from?

January 15, 2020 by Comments

Zoe, a woman in her mid-fifties
Oliver, a young man, late twenties

Metro North train traveling from New Jersey to Manhattan. Zoe comes and sits near Oliver, a stranger in a two seater.

ZOE: Is anyone sitting here?

OLIVER: Nope, it’s all yours.

ZOE: Thanks.

OLIVER: No problem.

Zoe sits down.

ZOE: You going into NYC for fun or work?

OLIVER: Ah, work unfortunately. You?

ZOE: Going see an old friend from high school. I grew up in Manhattan. Living in Jersey now the last 25 years.

OLIVER: Oh, so you’re not a native Jersey girl?

ZOE: Nope. I’m a New Jorker. Half my life in New York, half my life in New Jersey.

Oliver laughs.

OLIVER: That’s pretty cool. Do you you prefer one of the other?

ZOE: It’s a more complicated answer than one of the other. When my kids were little, Jersey was great. But when they hit the teen years, it would have been better for both of them if we lived in Manhattan as my daughter went to school there and my son felt like a prisoner in the suburbs until he finally got his license at 17. And let me tell you it’s no fun living with a miserable teenager! I love our Jersey home and the quietness of the suburbs, but I miss the theater, restaurants, central park and mostly New York sacrcasm. Then again, the city is so overcrowded now, it’s not the same as when I was growing up. I can’t walk through Times Square without getting a panic attack! Crazy. People are like sperm, swimming as fast as they can upstream to get to be the chosen one – the one that gets the egg – if you know what I mean.

OLIVER: Now that’s an interesting analogy. I will never be able to look at people hurrying on the New York streets in the same way.

ZOE: Well, us New Jorkers, have a unique way at looking at the world, what can I say. Where are you from?

OLIVER: Originally from New Hampshire, now living in New Jersey and commuting to New York for work.

ZOE: So that makes you a New HampJorker!

Oliver laughs.

OLIVER: I guess it does.

Train pulls into NY Penn Station.

ZOE: Well, it’s been a pleasure sir. Pleased to have met my first New HampJorker ever.

OLIVER: And I, to have met my first New Jorker.

ZOE: Now remember, there’s a lot of sperm out there, so keep moving fast!

Oliver laughs and waves goodbye…



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