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Do You Use Words Of Affirmation To Reveal YOUR Magic?

March 18, 2019 by Comments

allow words of affirmation to change your life I’ll take words of affirmation anytime, anywhere…

Words of affirmation. They soothe the soul, lift us up, put a smile on our faces, keep us going when we think we can’t go anymore, and most importantly, are positive phrases that keep us connected to each other’s hearts and soul. Words of affirmation remind us that we are not alone and that we are loved…


Louise Hay Affirmations rock the positive phrase market changing lives all over the planet!

Affirmations have become a pretty big business thanks to Louise Hay.  Not that they weren’t around or being used before Louise, but Louise made affirmations a household word and concept for folks on the personal growth path….

Some of Ali’s favorite affirmations…

1 – It is my birthright to share in the abundance and prosperity of the world (Louise Hay)

2 – I am a radiant being filled with light and love (Shakti Gawain)

3 – My soul guides me in the right direction (Wayne Dyer)

4 – Fierce! (Lexi Lyric)

5 – May today there be peace within (Saint Theresa)

6 – I am the way, the truth and the life (Jesus)

7 – Affirmative Captain (Mr. Spock – this is how I thank and affirm the universal, creative force when I get an insight about something)


positive words always make a difference Can positive words really make a difference?

And what Louise did that was so amazing, was to help people use words of affirmation to heal themselves. So many of us find it a breeze to help and uplift someone else.  But a positive phrase from ourself to ourself?  And to think that this might just heal our maladies? 


easy mindfulness exercises to support your affirmations 5 Mindfulness Exercises to learn how magical you are…

Here are some cool and unusual ways to uplift yourself  BY yourself using words of affirmation…remember – only use positive words!

1 – write yourself an email and tell yourself how friggin awesome you are! Go ahead and  cc anyone else you want to impress with your awesomeness..

2 – have a make believe conversation with God or whatever you call the universal energy of the universe and tell it why you would be the best archangel ever.  You can even write a resume – as if you’re applying for a job…:)

3 – for a whole day when you sign your name do so in a way that your signature looks like a piece of artwork

4-  write a love poem to yourself 

5- sing yourself a lullaby before you go to sleep – OUT LOUD!!!!  I like Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarKumbaya and Over in Killarny.  (I’m not from Africa, a big fan of Peter, Paul and Mary and I am not Irish, but these are two of my favorite lullabys that I remember my mom singing to me and I sang to my chillin’. 


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