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Writing Hungry

August 9, 2018 by Comments



Amy – middle-aged woman married to Jed

Jed –  middle-aged man married to Amy

Melanie – middle-aged woman married to Peter

Peter – middle-aged man married to Melanie



A choc-o-pain in Hoboken, NJ, late afternoon.  The two couples are drinking coffee and eating desserts.  They have just seen a One-Minute Play Festival, comprised of 61 plays.


AMY:  You’re were right Melanie.  After all those plays it’s hard to remember any of them!  A big blur. Went by way too quick.

MELANIE: I kinda liked the pace. Found it kept me awake.

AMY: I have to admit, I was dozing off a bit there at the end.  But then again I didn’t sleep great last night.

JED: It would have been better if they had some kind of breather, or fun quick interlude after a bunch of pieces.

AMY: Yeah, to give us time to process.  Looking over the program now I don’t know which piece was what since the titles don’t always reflect the content in a way that triggers my memory.

PETER: Hey, you hear that song playing?

AMY: Brazilian right?  My mom loved this song, played it all the time when I was a kid. This and the Rolling Stones, Satisfaction.  

JED: What’s the name of the song?

PETER: Oh damn, I can’t remember, but I grew up on Bossa Nova music.  Brings back memories.

MELANIE: I loved the washing machine one! (referring back to the festival).

AMY: Oh yea, me too.  I did tell myself after I saw it to remember to share my appreciation for it with you guys –  but I forgot. Uggh.

MELANIE: That really was a good one. Pretty brilliant how in just one minute we got this man’s  story. I’m sure city folks really related to that one.

AMY:  Being in Hoboken today is making me miss the city.  Even tho I did have to take my laundry to a laundromat 6 blocks away, dragging it all up a 5 story walk-up.

JED:  I liked the one with the young girl asking the guy out. So funny. Actress was great.  I enjoyed her in the different pieces she was highlighted in.

MELANIE: I’m not prone to laughter outbursts, but I did laugh out loud at that one.  

AMY: Heard your hubby laughing a lot.

MELANIE:  He’s a great audience.  You always want to have Peter in the audience if you’re doing a comedy.

JED (to Peter): So how’s your book going?

PETER:  Good, real good.  The weekends are my time to write so just spent this morning in creative mode.

JED: What time do you start?

PETER:  Real early.  I like the early morning hours best.

JED: Me too. House is quiet, no one bugging you for anything and the hussle and bussle have yet to start.

MELANIE: Bites my head off if I even come near him when he’s in his writing zone.

PETER:  Well, writing requires total concentration and focus. Waiting for inspiration and listening intently to what comes next.  Besides, I write hungry and being hungry can make a man a bit cranky.

AMY: Write hungry?

PETER: Yep.  I drink my cup of coffee and then don’t eat breakfast ‘till later.  I write on an empty stomach and a caffeinated brain.

AMY: Opposite for me.  I can’t write unless my belly is full.  Eat then write. I also need a constant cup of hot tea to sip on to keep my creative juices going.

JED: That’s why last mother’s day I bought Amy a hot plate just for her tea. (lovingly) Now she never has to leave her writing zone and interrupt her creative flow.

PETER: I find being hungry ignites my creative juices. Somehow the yearning for nutrients translates into words on the page.

AMY (excitedly): Peter, do you…. (Jed interrupts)

JED (excitedly):  Peter, you should teach that in your writing workshops.  Call it “Write Hungry: an empty belly fills the page” or something like that.

AMY: Do you always have to interrupt me? I was just going to mention something like that!

JED: I don’t interrupt you.

AMY: You gotta be kidding me.  Whenever we may happen to get excited about an idea at the same time, you push me to the side like a used, cooty-filled tissue.

JED: Nice analogy! And honey, that’s just not true.

AMY:  It sure is.

JED:  It’s not.

AMY (to Melanie and Peter): Guys, didn’t he just interrupt me?

MELANIE:  I’m not getting in the middle of this.

PETER: Ditto.

AMY (to Melanie and Peter): Thanks for nothing. But I…(Jed interrupts)

JED (jokingly): So anyway as I was saying….

AMY: See!  He just did it again!

MELANIE: What were we talking about again? (trying to divert the other couple’s argument)

PETER: Writing hungry.

JED: Oh yeah!  Writing hungry.  So anyway, if you…(Melanie interrupts Jed)

AMY: Peter have you ever tried writing at night?

JED (incredulously looking at Amy). You just interrupted me!

AMY: No I didn’t.

JED:  Melanie, Peter, didn’t you see that?

MELANIE:  See what?

PETER (jokingly):  Don’t you mean “didn’t you hear that?”

AMY (looking at Jed): Payback is a bitch.

(both couples laugh)

JED: Peter, tell me exactly why writing hungry works for you?

PETER: Let me see if I can put my finger on it. Writers are vessels. The emptier we are, the more space we allow for ideas to come to us. And the hungrier we are, the more we yearn for that inspiration, for those ideas to feed us, to nourish us, fill us up with a creative meal that we can then share with others.

AMY: I don’t know Peter.  Sounds poetic but your stomach isn’t where ideas come into.  It’s your head, your heart, not your belly.

PETER:  The stomach feels hungry, but those hunger pains are just physical symptoms of the creative hunger you experience when you embark or writing, on relaying a story to be told. When someone’s hungry they’re much more likely to put in the effort to get fed – do what’s necessary to feed those hunger pains.  Ask more intently for the food to show up. For the words, the ideas, to show up…

AMY:  Then again hunger can be a distraction from the creative process.  If you’re hungry and aware of it, it can tighten you up and divert your focus to dwell or obsess on when your next meal is going to come.  Kind of distracting if you ask me.

MELANIE: I’m not a writer, but I prefer to be comfortable when I do anything. Why be hungry? It’s unsettling.

AMY: And when I’m hungry my energy is low and I’m pissy.  Not motivated to write.

JED: Doesn’t so much art come out of being uncomfortable? Being unsettled? Being pissy? So many artists’ story is about creating out of pain and suffering to birth magnificent pieces of music, dance, art, you name it.  

PETER: I’m not in pain though, or suffering.  Just hungry. Hungry for food and creativity. I don’t see being hungry as a negative state. It motivates me.

MELANIE: Unless it lasts too long.  Then you’re a beast to be around. And not a creative beast at that.

(couples laugh)

AMY: When I’m writing if I get stuck, or frustrated, or the ideas are just not up to speed, my stomach feels very similar to when I’m hungry. Then when the idea pops up, I feel like I just ate my favorite meal of eggs on sprouted grain toast with ghee and jam and a cup of earl gray tea with a splash of goat milk.

MELANIE:  Ooo, that sounds delicious.  Breakfast idea for tomorrow.

AMY: Remind me when we go home, to give you a couple of my farm fresh eggs from the amish farm I get food from.

MELANIE: Will do.

PETER: Speaking of going home, you guys ready?

JED: Yep.

AMY: And thanks for the tour of Hoboken.  Reminds me a lot of the upper west side in Manhattan.  

MELANIE: You ever think about moving back?

AMY: All the time.  

JED: Well, I’m hungry for home so let’s get going.

PETER: Home it is.



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