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You Just Can’t Win!

December 17, 2018 by Comments


CHARACTERS: Mother, Teenage Daughter

SETTING:  At a department store


Mother:  How about this one hon?


Teenager:  Mom, you gotta lower your voice


Mother: What?

Teenager:  Mom, you’re speaking way too loud.  Everyone around us can hear you.


Mother:  What are you talking about?


Teenager: You just speak too friggin loud.


Mother:  You’re just being a teenager and just the sound of my voice annoys you – no matter what the volume.


Teenager:  No mom, I mean it.  You are speaking way too loud and you’re embarrassing me!


Mother:  All I said was “how about this one hon?”  How is that embarrassing?

Teenager:  Mom, do you see those two ladies looking at us?  They just heard what you said and started staring.


Mother:  Maybe they’re staring because you’re so beautiful.  Did you ever think of that?

Teenager:  Ha, ha, real funny.  But seriously, even in the car when you speak on the bluetooth, or when you talk on the phone to me, you’re really loud.


Mother:  Are you sure you just don’t have extra special, super de-duper hearing?


Teenager:  Yeah right!  Ask dad if you don’t believe me. Or better yet, notice how the dog’s ears perk up when you speak around him to other people.


Mother: That’s not fair using my sweet pup against me.  But okay, I will try to speak softer. The only reason I may speak louder is because I never know if you hear me or not.  Sometimes it takes two or three times of me asking the same thing to even get a response out of you. And, besides, I’ve got tinnitus in my left ear so I don’t hear that well when there’s outside noises around – so I must speak louder because I assume if I can’t hear you, then you can’t hear me.


Teenager:  Look, I’m not trying to criticize you, I just want you to think about speaking lower when you’re with me – whatever the reason is, okay????


Mother: You got it.

Teenager: Thanks.


Mother (whispering):  So hon, what do you think of this one?


Teenager: What?  Mom, speak up will ya????



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