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3 Words That Trump “I love you”

December 27, 2018 by Comments

I’m pretty lucky. My partner in life deeply appreciates who I am and what I do.

In our partnership I have taken on the role of captain of the home/family ship. Hubby will follow directives, but in general, leaves the managing to moi.

The other day, feeling overwhelmed and pissed off at all that I choose do and am responsible for with regard to family, business and self, my disgruntled ego yelled at my husband “You know, sometimes – make that many times – it would be nice if you just said “I got this!” without me having to ask for help. I love you just doesn’t cut it when I’m running around like a frantic chicken with my head chopped off!  I love you are just empty words that mean diddly-squat if you don’t back them up with action!”

Isn’t that the truth?  If someone close to you says “I love you” but they don’t take action to show it to you in ways that are meaningful for you, how does loving someone have any true meaning for the person on the receiving end?

For all of us, the “I love you” connection with the different people in our lives can have different types of actions and words that we desire in order to feel the love from them. For me, it’s “I got this” from my husband,“Ok mom,” from my son and “thank you” from my daughter. Each person shows me love through unique actions and words unique to each relationship.

The other day hubby said “I got this” and it felt great. I felt loved. I felt seen and honored and adored. “I got this” is my “I love you” and better than any material gift – even if it’s a piece of Brighton jewelry (my favorite!).

What makes you feel loved?

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