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Life Changing Spiritual Journey Expert Ali Skylar

Just like everyone else, I, Ali Skylar, am yearning for a life-changing, spiritual awakening.

Even before I tell you about myself, I want you to know that one of my favorite things to do right now is to share with – as well as learn from – like-minded folks who are into moving from sucky to soulful. If you’re looking for the same kind of connection, then come join me on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and let’s get this personal growth at the speed of life party started!

I could go ahead and list the job and career choices I’ve made in my life to give you an idea of “what” I’ve accomplished (my ego would just love to rattle off my life accomplishments to justify why I’m worthy of a visit to my site). However, the rattling off about the “what” won’t truly tell you WHO I am.

So who am I? Gratefully, I’m discovering more and more about who I am as I write. Below you’ll meet parts of the REAL ALI as she is – right here and right now – the person with whom I hope you’ll enjoy exploring this thing called REAL life..:)

I LOVE writing. Stepping into a writing career has become life changing – especially because it is now the main process by which I am finding out who I am, what my beliefs are, where I find revelations, what my inner critic has to say, and what my inner guide has to say. I can also say that becoming a writer has been the main catalyst to my spiritual awakening…:)

At the same time – many times – writing drives me crazy because I end up spending too much friggin’ time in my head. That’s why I am now making a effort to learn how to juggle as it distracts me from the hyper vigilant, non-stop jabber in my left brain.

I LOVE snuggling in my cozy bed with my husband, best friend and business partner, Jamie.

I LOVE watching my daughter perform her butt off in a musical! She demonstrates what an incredible gift it is to express spirit through music, dance and acting.

I LOVE watching my son Dj at dance events he promotes, becoming a truly creative artist and entrepreneur.

I LOVE to dance – the funkier the music better.

I LOVE eating lasagna filled with Ricotta cheese and veggies, soft-boiled eggs on toast with ghee and jam, and chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s (not all together of course).

I LOVE having fun, interesting, authentic, evolving, spiritually awakening, devoted friends.

I LOVE to laugh and I love making people laugh.

I LOVE sharing information with someone that helps them feel more excited about life.

I LOVE dolphins (even though I am totally bummed that I didn’t get to swim with any on my recent family trip planned specifically for this reason).

Some qualities I value and aspire to embody and express: integrity, authenticity, compassion, accountability, intimacy, generosity, acceptance, appreciation, and peace.

Okay, and for those of you that still want to hear some of the “what,” the accomplishment highlights of my life, here goes:

  • I attended the High School of Performing Arts (yes, the movie FAME was based upon my school) as a music major. I became a pretty serious French Horn Player, attending the Juilliard High School and All-City Orchestra programs on the weekends. For college, I attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA and earned a BA in English.

  • I spent over eight years working as an arts administrator for ICM Artists, American Ballet Theater, and PolyGram Records. I then pursued a career as a freelance writer for local NJ newspapers and magazines.

  • After meeting my hubby in 1982, we became business/artist /sleeping/parenting buddies, spending over twenty years writing music, creating content, producing, performing and managing a children’s theater touring company. I also wrote and produced children’s CDs, including Recipes In A Song and The Cure For TV-itis, and created and performed in the family show Feelingsongs. During this time, I wrote a couple of commercial jingles, created the CD We’re Gonna Have A Baby, and wrote and produced personalized songs for corporate and personal events.

  • About ten years ago, I started developing and teaching music programs for local elementary schools and camps and worked as a permanent substitute teacher at Unity Charter School. Recently – for an amazingly wonderful three years – I directed the Blended Souls Chorus at the Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown, NJ. I am currently a guest blogger for the parenting section of the Star Ledgers’ website. For the past 15 years, I have lived in NJ with my marketing genius husband, Jamie, my “soon to be on Broadway” daughter, Lexi Lyric, and my “drummer dude” son, Chaz.

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