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Alligators Anyone?

June 29, 2021 by Comments

I have two little neighbors, Anna 4 and Lilly 2, who love to come and talk to me whenever I happen to be outside when they’re outside. During this past year, they have served as little angels who help me move from sucky to soulful, as beautiful examples of all that is good…:)

CHARACTERS:  Ali, a grown-up, Anna 4 years old, Lilly 2 years old

SETTING:  Ali on her deck, Anna and Lilly on their deck right across the driveway.  Anna and Lilly see Ali come out on her deck and run across their deck to stand on the edge and say hi.

Anna:  Hi Miss Ali!

Lilly:  Hi Miss Awi!

Ali:  Hey girls!  What are you up to today?

Anna:  We’re swimming in our pool

Lilly: Swimmin in our poo.

Ali:  Did you guys say you’re swimming in your poo?

Anna:  No silly, our pool!  On our deck.

Ali:  That’s a relief. I’m glad to hear that you’re swimming in a pool (Ali makes sure to enunciate the L in pool)  because the other way sounds pretty yucky.  Uggh, ewe and stinky!

Anna and Lilly laugh at Ali who is now holding her nose and making a “that’s pretty gross” face.

Anna:  Where’s Zues?

Ali:  Oh, he’s inside.  Too hot today on the deck for his tiny little doggie feet.

Lilly:  tiny whittle feet.  Like me!

Ali:  Yes, Lilly just like you.

Anna: My feet aren’t tiny anymore because I’m a big girl now.

Anna hangs her feet over the deck railing to show Ali how big her feet are.  Lilly tries to do the same but she’s just too little and struggles to get there but just can’t reach.

Ali: Whoa!  Anna those are some big feet you got there.  What size are they?

Anna:  Oh you know, the big size.

Ali laughs.

Ali:  Well guys I gotta get back inside to go back to work.  See ya later alligators!

Anna with a very serious face says….

Anna:  We are NOT Alligators, we are Anna and Lilly.

Ali: Oops, I am so sorry.  I will never call you guys alligators again.  I promise.

Anna and Lilly run back to their deck pool.  Ali, laughing to herself, walks back into her house, thinking to herself  “Reminds me of the time when my girl thought Buffalo wings came from a real buffalo. Maybe I’ll try “In a while crocodile tomorrow” as a farewell and see if they like being crocodiles better…:)



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