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What is attitude anyway? WTF becomes YB (Yeah Baby!)

July 1, 2014 by Comments

Attitude: I’ve got it, you’ve got it, we’ve all got it! 

What is attitude and how does it affect you? But what is attitude? If you live in the ego world  of “good” or “bad”, you may describe your attitude for the day or moment as either being a “good attitude” or a “bad attitude.”  And, if you are like me (and unlike Buddha, Jesus, and my dog Dash),  you continue to experience experiences that just make you go WTF???? You’re attitude state changes regularly with the winds of change….

No, I’m not bipolar, just human…

I find that the biggest part of my personal growth awakening has been to realize that I am ALWAYS going to have challenges and experiences that test the very core of my humanness – no matter how much releasing, cleansing and connecting with spirit I do. There is the day to day (and night to night) nowness (yes, I take the liberty as a writer to invent words), that can many times knock me to my knees, and then there are days and nights where I’m flying high and free like a kite – WTF becomes YB (Yeah Baby!). As long as I am always looking for the opportunity to “shift” my attitude, the chance to feel So Happy I‘m Finally Transforming – the chance to change – then I rock..

a positive mental attitude is possible for anyone! Is being positive and staying positive even possible?

I  used to live in the world of optimism and pessimism: I vacillated between being an OP and a PO – an optimistic pessimist and a pessimistic optimist. Staying positive and being positive is the goal (right?) for us personal growth junkies.  So I figured as long as I had optimism somewhere in the mix I was doing okay – but was I? Just because my attitude had the word “optimistic” in it, was I really okay? Didn’t having the pessimistic partner for the ride cancel out the optimism? So here’s what I’ve come up with to “change my attitude” so that I can be and stay more positive in my out-look and in-look about life. Instead of living life as an O.P. or a P.O., I have made the conscious choice to become an O.K.: an Optimistic Kind. I am going to lovingly commit to optimism no matter what.  I am going to expect the best and know that even though I may not realize it, things that could easily put me back into pessimism mode are just life experiences showing up to remind me that I can be OK no matter what…..

Mindfullness exercises help us learn how to change our life.

1 (that’s right, just 1) easy Mindfulness Exercise to help you be an O.K.

What is attitude? A state of mind and heart. And for me, if I want to change my attitude (my mind and heart), it’s simple – I just do it. Really, it’s that simple. A quickie swift/shift kick to the brain and heart with four steps -TGIF – and bam! my attitude changes.

  1. Change my THINKING – choose thoughts that resonate with what I want
  2. Listen to my GUT – tune into how my gut is responding to my choices of thought
  3. Follow my INSTINCT – follow whatever action choices come up that my gut is tuning into
  4. Embrace my FEELINGS – notice the new and improved feelings that arise

  So what are you? An O.P., P.O. or O.K.?  Let me  know….:)


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