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Cause Of Death…

April 2, 2019 by Comments

A couple of months ago an acquaintance of mine got cancer. It was so unexpected as she was such a healthy and health conscious individual. In one of our correspondences, she mentioned that everyone should get their cell phones away from their nightstands and out of their rooms at night.

Her comment inspired Jamie and I to start researching the effects of wifi on our health.  From our findings, we decided to shut off our wifi and hardwire our devices in our home.

Both Jamie and I were so amazed at how doing so helped us sleep deeper and through the night (no more getting up 3-4 times at night to pee for me!) lessened my tinnitus, cleared Jamie’s head fog and in general we both felt more energized during the day.

However, my son freaked out at the change.  Although we hard wired every room so that internet is available, it affected his ability to use his devices as easily as he used to.  

He has come to terms with the change, but every chance he gets, he likes to remind us that we’re crazy and that it’s all in our heads…:)

A doctor’s office



Ali , Chaz, Receptionist


Chaz:  I hate filling out these forms.

Ali: Yep, I hear ya.

Chaz:  Do I have to fill out the family health history?

Ali:  Just put we’re all healthy and you should be good to go.


Chaz is quiet for a few minutes as he fills out the health history section.


Chaz:  Mom, they want to know cause of death for you and dad lol.

Ali:  We’re still alive ding dong so you don’t have to fill that in.


Chaz gets quiet again and resumes filling out the form.


Chaz:  Done.

Ali:  Cool. Bring it up to the receptionist.


Chaz brings the forms up to the receptionist then sits back down. Receptionist looks over the forms.


Receptionist:  Chaz, I’m a bit confused at your answer here for your mom and dad’s cause of death.

Chaz: Oh, it’s just an inside joke.

Chaz shows Ali the form.  Both Ali and Chaz laugh hysterically…









FYI: The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s by Nick Pinault, and Lloyd Burrell’s website Electric Sense are a few resources I found helpful on my exploration of the issue. There’s a ton more resources out there and I’m sure as 5G rolls out, we’re going to see many top health professionals joining in on the conversation.

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