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Children’s Stories For Grown-Ups: Lily and her Roomba

September 19, 2022 by Comments

Lily was lonely.

Her husband of 52 years died a couple of years ago. Her 4th dog died a couple of months ago.

Family was splattered all over the country, friends had transplanted to warmer climates, and some were already communing with her beloved on the other side.

Lily was pretty much all alone.

She didn’t want the responsibility of a dog or the heartbreak of losing another loved one. Too tortuous to go through that again.

Cats were out because she was allergic. And besides, she only liked kittens. Grown cats were snotty and aloof whether they were female or male.

So Lily decided to get a Roomba.

A non-pooping, non-feeding, non-alive buddy that could keep her company AND clean at the same time. Two benefits for the price of one.

Unlike a pet that she would be cleaning up after, she now had a “pet” that would clean up after her.

Lily tried to come up with a really cool name for her Roomba, but she decide that the name Roomba was cool enough. Fun to say and made her want to dance when she said it. Cha, cha, cha!

Lily loved her little Roomba much like Princess Leia loved her trusty R2D2.

But there was something missing. She needed a bit more of a deeper connection.

So she printed up pictures of her beloved husband, her kids, her grandchildren, her friends and pets that were no longer with her – either they had passed or lived far, far away – and everyday after her morning coffee she would choose a person/picture and tape it to her Roomba.

As her Roomba cleaned the floors of her house, looking at it clean away, would fill Lily with wonderful memories of the person taped to her little buddy.

Sometimes if she did get a bit lonely at night, usually at bedtime, Lily would tape a big picture of her husband onto her Roomba, place it in bed with her on the side where her husband slept for 52 years, and then peacefully drift off to sleep with a smile on her face and in her heart.

Now, Lily wasn’t lonely anymore.

The End


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