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Cyclamen calamity

February 14, 2020 by Comments

Setting: Kitchen

Characters: Cyclamen 1, Cyclamen 2, Cyclamen 3


Cyclamen 1: Hey, I was here first!

Cyclamen 2: So? Just by a couple of days.

Cyclamen 1: You’re crowding my space.

Cyclamen 2: Are you kidding me?

Cyclamen 1: Yeah, there’s just so much of her love to go around.

Cyclamen 2: Oh come on! Grow up!

Cyclamen 1: I’m trying, I’m still a baby, can’t you see? Look at all my beautiful budding flowers.

Cyclamen 2: Yep, I have those two. Beautiful pinky, purpley flowers like you.

Cyclamen 1: I’m scared. What if she doesn’t love me as much as you?

Cyclamen 2: Look, we were both bought BECAUSE of love. She bought you, and her hubby bought me. Both in the name of love.

Cyclamen 1: So you think she’ll take care of both of us equally?

Cyclamen 2: Look around! There’s a ton of other plants growing here that are happy and healthy. We’re in a good home, with a loving mom.

Cyclamen 1: Okay.

Cyclamen 2: So we’re cool? Can we be friends?

Cyclamen 1: Yep. But what about that older looking cyclamen in the corner over there. Looks a bit worn out – but definitely here for a long time.

Cyclamen 3: Hey, if it wasn’t for me, neither one of you would be here. I am so loved that you were brought here to keep the love flowing and growing. Relax, bloom and all will be well…:)

Cyclamen 1: Relax, bloom and all will be well. Got it.


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