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Intention and Attention To The Rescue

May 24, 2022 by Comments

I’ve been looking over older blog posts these past couple of weeks and it’s just so crazy to me that I don’t remember writing them and am finding that the posts I’m reviewing are the perfect message I need that day.  I love to write, but I just wish I had a better retainment process in my brain.  Good shit comes out that I didn’t even know was there until I started writing – but then it’s gone after I hit the “publish” button.  Here’s my latest discovery…

As per Deepok Chopra, attention energizes, intention transforms.

This just hit me so profoundly right now during these times. It made me get so microscopically attuned to paying attention to what I was paying attention to – and what I am energizing in my life.

Then I realized it’s not so much what I’m paying attention to, but HOW I’m internalizing and interpreting what I’m paying attention to that can either energize positive or negative feelings.

If intention transforms, then perhaps I can make the intention to see and feel and interpret what I’m putting my attention on in a way that energizes me in a positive way rather than drains the daylights out of me.  Intend to find that nugget of grace, appreciation, and silver lining in every situation.

Transform the energized energy into fuel that will feed me rather than starve me.

So I’m adding onto Deepok’s brilliant 4 word statement with this Ali amendment:

If attention energizes and intention transforms, then make the intention to transform and energize whatever you’re paying attention to into cool stuff.

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