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Meeting life for lunch…Finally!

November 27, 2012 by Comments

The other day I had lunch with life.  I had been avoiding this meeting for over 50 years but it was time.  It was time to meet life and begin a relationship of the highest order….

ALI:  Hey Life, thanks so much for meeting me today.  Glad you could make it and sorry it’s taken me so friggin’ long to arrange this get together.

LIFE:  No worries, Ali.  I’m always here, always ready to step up and connect whenever you are.

ALI:  I appreciate that – very kind of you to be so patient.

LIFE: So what’s on your mind?

ALI:  Well, I’ve been avoiding you my whole life.  I haven’t REALLY accepted or appreciated you or wanted to connect with you.  I felt the pain and the suffering early on of being human and didn’t want to have anything to do with any of it. I must have unconsciously denied and rejected you not realizing that doing so denied the deep magnificence as well. Resisting the pain of life has also shut out my ability to connect with a truly higher love.  Uggh!  Who knew?

LIFE:  So what do you want to do about it?

ALI:  I don’t know, that’s why I called this meeting.  I’m here to listen.

LIFE: There’s part of your answer – do more listening and less time assuming, asking why, thinking, planning and figuring it out.

ALI:  Okay, I can do that.  What’s the other part?

LIFE: Accept it all and most importantly, enjoy chocolate and sex whenever you get the chance.


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4 responses to “Meeting life for lunch…Finally!”

  1. JMM says:

    Already knew that………… guess I caught up with life a little sooner…..

  2. Darlene says:

    Glad your back Ali!

  3. Diane says:

    Ha,ha Ali always love to read your stuff. Thanks for the reminder. Love ya, Diane

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