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Set in present time NJ, Ali Skylar’s musical dramedy, What About Me? follows the humorous and heartwarming journey of Julie, a working mom in her 40’s on the verge of an existential suburban breakdown – who upon returning home from a personal growth retreat, decides to quit her job and write a musical! Julie meets with family resistance and “life sucks” mishaps that threaten her marriage, her relationship with her children and her much needed artistic time. The story explores how people at different stages and times in their lives deal with the question, “How far will I go and what am I willing to give up to make my dreams come true?”


The characters were both lovable and very believable. The storyline cleverly portrayed a clear struggle between Julie, the main heroine and matriarch of her family, and her obsession with making her impact on the world. The musical score prompted laughter and tears. The story left all of us just as entertained as many of the professional New York productions. I believe, with a little luck, we may one day see, What About Me? on the Broadway stage!” Dr. Yale Levine


What About Me?

Life Sucks…Just Kidding!


I loved this musical and could identify with Julie, a mom who asks the question “Who am I outside of being a mom, wife and daughter, and what is my passion in life?”  I laughed out loud more than a few times, and also felt my heart-strings being pulled as Julie  tries to balance all of her roles and demands in life! Very entertaining and worth seeing!” Judy Vartelas LCSW DCEP 


A Divine Sign

Singing On A Stage


“I laughed and cried joining Julie on her raucous roller-coaster of life ride as a woman trying to balance family and career. The music is as mesmerizing as the prose is profound. I would see it again in a heartbeat. Three thumbs up!”  Annette Dinapoli, Clinical Social Worker/ Marriage & Family Therapist


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