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Sleeping naked…or not!

December 21, 2020 by Comments

Sleeping naked isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

I want to change my life - but do I really?

Oye. Sleeping naked. My husband doesn’t own a pair of PJs.  I can’t sleep without them.  When I sleep naked, I just get cold and feel “uncovered” once the “hubby snuggling” is over – even if the temp in the room is warm and toasty.  Sure, for a couple of hours I can snuggle up against “sleeping naked” hubby for warmth, but there comes a point where we separate and I enjoy being in my own space, with me, myself, my pillow and the big I. For me, the act of sleeping involves cozy, soft PJ’s and a bunch of down blankets that I can snuggle up under and create a warm, enveloping cocoon where my body, mind and soul can take a “restbit” (a bit of rest) from the real world.  It’s a nightly womb where I get rejuvenated and then reborn and rebirthed in the early morning hours.

When do we have the luxury of being in our naked, bare, essential selves?

This got me to thinking that there are very few minutes in the day when I am naked.  The shower for 6.6 minutes maybe? As I dress and undress for a couple of minutes 2-3 times a day? When do any of us – specifically parents –  have the luxury of being in our naked, bare, essential physical selves?  As a mom, it’s kinda NOT cool for me to be walking around my house naked, or sitting at the breakfast or dinner table sans clothing. We’re born naked, but we spend our lives covering ourselves up.  Our groundedness comes from our connection with the earth but we rarely walk barefoot or lay sprawled out naked on the grass.  So where do we get out groundedness from if we don’t BARE ourselves to the physical plane?  Or if we don’t sleep naked….

Here’s how I have realized I can bare myself to life – without sleeping naked! During my morning meditation, or anytime during the day, I remember to BELIEVE, ACTIVATE, RECEIVE and EXPERIENCE the gift of life in all its elements.  I breathe in and I breathe out. I allow myself to become naked and one with the energy of the moment – whatever that moment may bring.

How do you BARE yourself to life?


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