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Sleeping with…..

November 8, 2020 by Comments

CHARACTERS:  Ali and Jamie, a married couple, together for a really long time!!

SETTING: In their bed, about to go to sleep


ALI:  You know, I never considered the possibility that as I reach this golden age of maturity and wisdom (LOL!)  that I would be sleeping with Darth Vadar.

JAMIE:  Sorry hon.

ALI: I was more a Hans Solo fan anyway.

JAMIE: I kinda liked Yoda myself.

ALI:  Look,  I’m so relieved you’re feeling better and sleeping better after all these years of waking up feeling like shit and no one being able to identify the issue.  But still…

JAMIE:  I know hon. This machine though has definitely been a major game changer for my energy and focus and overall brain function.

ALI:  Definitely.  I can see that too.  But still…

JAMIE:  I got it babe.  C-PAP = C-CRAP.

ALI:  Yes! C-CRAP!  That’s it! What a great name!!  Call the company now and let’s get them to rename and rebrand this sucker.

JAMIE:  We can’t call it that babe.  Because that’s just bad juju and then it might break or won’t work, or I’ll get my vestibular migraines again, or I won’t sleep through the night anymore, or…

Ali interrupts.. 

ALI: Okay, okay Darth, I get it.  We don’t want to jinx the machine that has changed your life. C-PAP it is.

JAMIE: Thanks hon.

ALI:  Wait I got it!  Let’s call it C-YODA!  Now he’s someone I could get into sleeping next to.  I’d much rather drift into lala land with Lightworker Yoda than Dark Darth Vadar.

JAMIE:  Let’s just appreciate that we have each other to sleep with and come over here and give me a snuggle before I have to put this damn contraption on.

Jamie and Ali go to sleep….


PS: Funny enough, I found a picture of Darth Vadar with a CPAP machine on after I wrote this post.  I guess there are other people out there having the same issue!!!

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