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Sweet Peace….

January 23, 2021 by Comments

Once upon a time there was a spirit named Sweet Peace.  She was a happy spirit and loved flying around the universe, enjoying all the peace.

But then one day, it happened. Her father told her it was time for her to go help out the human race. She got very pissed off.

“Now why the hell would I ever want to do that???!!!!” Sweet Peace asked her father.

“Because they need you down there on that crazy, mishegas, planet.  It’s a mess! And only a handful of humans have ANY idea how to experience peace” her father replied.

“Ah, come on dad, I’m so happy here.  Don’t make me go.  Can’t Benevolent Betty or Loving Lou go and teach them benevolence or love?”  Sweet Peace pleaded.

“No, I want you to go and teach them peace.”  her father firmly commanded.

“Uggh, this is going to suck” Sweet Peace lamented.  “I’ve heard that humans are a lost cause. How many times do they have to be shown the way to BE?  And besides, they crucified Jesus for God’s sake, they put Mandela in prison for over 27 years, they feed their kids chocolate cocoa puffs for breakfast no less, and worst of all, they poop and pee!!!!  How do I know they won’t end up destroying me?

“You don’t. But deep down in each one of them, there is a piece of us and if we can help them access this spark, then maybe these pain in the butt beings can get their act together and create an awesome universal experience. They run on our juice – but are too blind and congested with gumpf to feel the spirit spark and work it. We will start to die too if they don’t get their shit together….”

“Okay, dad, if you REALLY want me to go –  I will.  But I have one condition.”

“What’s that my darling daughter?”

“That if I can’t teach them peace, that you just go back in time, make peace a must, and start all over again!!!”

“It’s a deal!”

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