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The Protective Personality versus the Soulful Self

May 6, 2022 by Comments

I’ve been reading,  VERY SLOWLY, The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter.

I say slowly because I read about 10 minutes a day as part of my morning routine to get my head in the right space before I tackle the day. Also, with new ideas, I need to re-read the content numerous times to get the info into my system.  So it may take weeks for me to advance a couple of pages.

I find her work meaningful and eye-opening if you’re working to get your soulful self online.  Morter is all about awakening through engaging energetic circuitry in our body that has been shut off, or dispersed, or blocking the flow.

One of the “aha” ideas for me that she shares is that most of us are trying to “solve” our life’s problems by working with resolving “stories” rather than working at the level of energy.  And that life is not about problems, but rather a “project of allowing connection again.”

Morter point outs “Blockages represent where we are unawakened as the Soulful Self. This “splattedness” IS the Protective Personality.  The more dispersed our energy is, and the more densities in our system, the more we will look externally for our sense of self and wholeness.  This only produces fear and stress.  On the other hand, the more unified and integrated the energy is within our system…the more you inherently experience your wholeness and live in peace, harmony and grace, regardless of your external circumstances.”

I would actually love to do a weekly “book club” reviewing and discussing the book!  Let me know if you’re interested.

Here’s to a beautiful, fun-filled Mother’s day to all the moms out there…:)




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