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When ME becomes WE

May 10, 2022 by Comments

Monday nights at 8pm I run a “shower the planet with love” 30 minute meditation group. (If you’re interested in joining us, give me a shout out at

We check in for a couple of minutes and then fly off energetically – individually yet collectively – to go do some vibrational work to contribute to the shifting of our mass consciousness into a place that supports, love, peace, joy, all those higher vibrations that will ultimately be the energies that saves our species and allows us to move into the new earth.

Anywhoo, I always ask how everyone’s day went.  Lisann Valentin, a fairy goddess guide of the highest order, said that she had a great day as she took herself on a date!  What? I asked. 

You took yourself on a date?  Yep, she replied.  Got in her car and spent a couple of hours loving herself up.  A manicure, a pedicure and some other activities to shower herself with love.

 I love this.  We are taught that we are never alone as God, the creative source, the infinite wisdom, whatever you wanna call the energy that put us here in physical form, is always with us.  That we are an extension, a reflection of that magnificence.

But how about the idea that WE are always here for ourselves – WE are our best friend, WE are our best lover.  WE are our best mother, father, sister, friend, etc.

ME is really WE. 

I’ve been aware of this for a long time, but for some reason, Lisann’s take on how she goes about being with herself opened up a new perspective on the ME within ME.

For those of us that struggle to truly feel that higher energy connection (yes, I’m still working on it), I find it invigorating and soothing to step into the knowing that I am never alone because I always have ME with me.  And that it’s my responsibility to treat myself and value myself as I would a cherished lover and friend.

My biggest “aha!” last night was that this means I won’t die alone.  One of my biggest fears is that I have to travel the transition to the spiritual plane ALONE.  I don’t care what anybody shares happens on the other side, I won’t know until I get there. 

At least now I have a trusted ally to take the journey with me…:)


Make sure to check out Lisann’s Empowered Empath work at



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