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Which element are you?

May 19, 2022 by Comments

I just came across an old blog post I wrote from 2015 – don’t have a record of posting it and I don’t remember writing it, but I think it’s kind of a cool concept so sharing below.

I’m driving in the car with Chaz today who was complaining about and frustrated at a situation that came up with his dad yesterday.

Both dad and son have VERY DIFFERENT communication styles and my intent was to help Chaz figure out how to find a common ground to connect with his dad about a situation where Chaz felt he was being “wronged, misunderstood and not responded to fairly.” 

So this is what I came up with on the fly….

We are all beings of mother earth, and as such, are earth, water, fire and air.  Every person we meet has a proclivity towards one of these elements.  Here’s how I broke it down for Chaz: fire (passionate), water (flowing); earth (grounded/stable), and air (light and soft).

Chaz is fire – a passionate, quick to ignite personality. Jamie is water – the flowing, calm, type of body of water, and not very tolerant of Chaz’s fiery expressions which only serve to overwhelm Jamie’s more subdued energy.

So I suggested to Chaz that if he can identify what earth element a person is, and is aware of his dominant earth element, then he has a better chance at finding a basis of communication with that person. 

If he’s aware of not just “who” they are personality wise, but what earth element governs their behaviors, reactions, opinions, etc., then he can work to find a “common earth ground,” a place where they can meet in the middle and make their interaction a win/win outcome.

I think the biggest shift in Chaz’s consciousness was understanding that he may be a kid, but he also has a powerful role in being able to create a healthy interaction with another person.

And that by turning  the need  to “win” into the desire to make a “win/win” situation,  you get a whole lot more people wanting to be a part of your life.

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