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April 21, 2022 by Comments

Some WTF items I intend to discuss with whomever is in charge when I die.  The list is growing all the time….


  1. Why aren’t our arms long enough so we can scratch our own backs?  I mean if dogs can lick their own you know what shouldn’t us humans be able to scratch our backs? (This doesn’t apply to Kevin Durant of the NBA – insanely long arms and legs).
  2. Breasts should shrink after menopause, not get bigger – WTF were you thinking!!! Totally not fair for us big breasted women who like to do cardio and dance with abandon.
  3. Moms should be relished for the goddesses they are instead of being blamed for their kids issues.  Come on now!
  4. Farts should not smell.
  5. Tiramisu should be a food that the body requires, not a once in a while treat.
  6. Angels should be visible to everyone so that we know for sure that we’re not alone on this crazy planet. (I know, some people see angels, but most of us don’t.  So make it a “must see” for every human.)
  7. School shouldn’t start earlier than 10am for high school kids and come to think of it, the school system should be totally revamped to address individual inspiration rather than economic profit.
  8. Money should grow on trees! Not the cherry blossom ones though.  Too beautiful to mess with – even if it means more money for everyone.

    Got a WTF? Comment and feel free to add on to the list….


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