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Why We Are Alone Yet Not Alone

June 5, 2014 by Comments

Alone?  Nah, I don’t think so…..

Want to turn your life around? I got hit with an epiphany the other day. 

I figured out why we have two complimentary body parts for much of our body. For example, two arms, two legs, two butt cheeks, two kidneys, two eyes, two lungs, two fallopian tubes, two testicles, two heart ventricles, two lips, two nostrils, etc. 

Here’s my “aha”: one part is our human side, the other part is our God side.  And together, they create a magnificent balance between self and Spirit.

Therefore, we are alone yet not alone…

We never see alone

We never speak alone

We never hear alone

We never breathe alone

And we never walk alone

Each step our two feet take is a step with the complete energy of life: one step is driven by our humanity, the other step by the God source.

And when I remember this, I surrender to a power greater than my – self.  I surrender to I AM – two words, two sides of the yin and yang that make me whole.

As I remember this as I go through my day, I sigh a deep double-lung side of relief, and peace starts to flow….


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One response to “Why We Are Alone Yet Not Alone”

  1. Daryll says:

    I think we all find a source to overcome loneliness when it becomes overwhelming. In my case I stopped and thought where do these feelings originate from. As I thought this I started talking to myself, an actual conversation back and forth. The answer was I recieved stopped me in my tracks and I started crying uncontrollably. I am not a religious person but do believe in a higher power. That higher power so call God was in my and was the answer. No one is ever alone God occupies your heart and will only reveal presence when you are quiet or ask for help. From that moment I have never felt alone or afraid of anything again. Thats my story.

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