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Inspirational words to the rescue!

June 12, 2013 by Comments

inspirational words are the wind beneath my wings Inspirational words and inspirational sayings are the wind beneath my wings as I journey along this path of self/soul revelation and discovery.

However, I’ve realized that no matter how many positive self affirmations or mindfulness exercises I do, that until I totally let go of being a have to kind of gal, I am never going to have the kind of spiritual awakening I’m yearning for.

Seems like many people I know, or read about, or watch movies about, are living as have tos who are waking up to the understanding that to satisfy their longing for purpose and meaning and peace of mind, will need to choose to step into living as a choose to-er.

Ali, what kind of inspirational saying is a choose to-er?

Good question. Although I’ve managed to create a space in my life for activities that nurture me, that I choose to do, that I hoped will get me that spiritual awakening I’m craving, the percentage of choose to activities as opposed to have to activities that I was involved in was in the low ten percentile.

A choose to-er is someone who takes the time to step back for a moment and not act based upon a quick reaction – but rather takes action based upon a response that is directed from a wiser and more spirit-connected place that ultimately leads to a more successful outcome.

So how do I choose to do things that I REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO but feel I HAVE TO? Like get up for the millionth time in the middle of the night to take care of a sick kid? Or shop for food?  Or take the dog out for a walk late at night to poop and pee?  Or return clothes to Marshalls? (For some reason it’s takes FOREVER to return clothes at this store even if you’re the second person in line.)

Are you using HAVE TO to avoid something uncomfortable or painful happening?

inspirational words can change your life! According to Lisa Brick, my intuitive and wise life coach who brought this have to/choose to concept to my consciousness, it’s not the THINGS or SITUATIONS that I have to deal with that is making me crazy and drained, it’s my opinion or judgement or interpretation of a situation that I have to that is creating the feeling that I am stuck in yuckiness.

Have to is definitely not one of those inspirational words or inspirational sayings that get you moving in the right direction……
The perception that I have to is not just making me suffer unnecessarily but also blocking my energy and creating resistance.

Lisa pointed out to me that when you feel that you have to, you’re doing something to avoid something painful or uncomfortable happening: when we choose having to do something, it’s a form of self-protection and preservation in order to avoid pain, change, and drama.

Choose inspirational words that allow you to breathe & sit in that space between the atoms.

As I look back on my life with this new revelation, I realize that I have not been either good or great at using inspirational words to feed my spiritual awakening.

Instead I relied on “I have to” as a major habit of thought and behavior governing my intention and action. My “aha!” moment was when I realized that shifting from have to to choose to is really all about shifting from REACTION to RESPONSIVENESS.

When we react, we behave from a fight or flight primitive brain reaction which supports and feeds our negative stories of fear, anger, victimhood and survival.

inspirational words to soothe the savage mind When we respond, we take a moment – we breathe – and as such are able to take a space between the atoms to which allows us to accept what is.  When we first accept what is, we then have choices on how we choose to internally and externally deal with a situation.

Then – and only then – are we free to be a choose to-erChoose to is that space between the atoms where stillness resides and wisdom arises.  Yeah, baby!

5 awesome inspirational words that choose to-ers can use anywhere, anytime

In addition to the inspirational sayings and exercise I share in Shift #3 for my course Transforming “Ahh Crap!” Into A “Wholy Shift!” here is a second instant shifting exercise that will easily help you to instantly shift from have to to choose to….

1 – Remember and memorize these five inspirational words in this exact order:

Loving Kindness

2 – When you find yourself in a triggering situation that puts you into a resistant mode where you think you have to do or think or react to something, stop for a minute and slowly repeat each of these words in the order listed.

3 – Don’t move on to the next word until you feel yourself deeply experience and feel the word you are connecting with.

4 – Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and just feel the energy of each of these words as they flow through your body.

5 – When you feel a sense of peace you are now ready to choose to, doing so from a place of power and purpose.

Wanna learn more ways on how to shift from have to to choose to? Then check out Shift #3 in my fun and cool course, Transforming “Ahh Crap! Into  A“Wholy Shift!” GO HERE NOW for a downloadable PDF that you can get started on right away!  Follow the directions and you’re off and running on a journey that is guaranteed to catapult you into achieving personal growth at the speed of life!


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