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Mindfulness exercises AND meds together? Who woulda thought!!

June 12, 2013 by Comments

mindfullness exercises and medications to the rescue! Although deeply committed to mindfulness exercises and a natural lifestyle in all areas of my life, recently, I had an episode where I almost ended up in the hospital numerous times due to exhaustion, intense menopausal symptoms, digestive issues and just WAY too much stress and responsibilities.  This wasn’t the first time my life was out of control and overwhelming anxiety had taken over every aspect of my being.

I defeatedly chose to go onto medication.  At the time, it was the only option hubby and I felt would help me to get back on the life horse, based upon finances, time and our family’s survival.

I was devastated.  Why of all things, did it come down to medications?  How could this happen? I’ve been navigating my life for many, many years without needing conventional intervention: great nutrition, meditation, mindfulness exercises, positive self affirmations, west coast swing dancing, smiling, yoga, exercise, and an occasional treat of chocolate covered almonds – all part of a very successful mind/body/spirit regimen.

I felt like a spiritual awakening failure!

say yes to mindfulness exercises I felt like a failure – my life’s goal has been to support my presence of mind, physical, and emotional states with natural foods, supplements and mindfulness exercises.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to launch my 7 week sucky to soulful course. I asked my husband “How can I call myself “The Shifting Expert” and share my shifting tools and mindfulness exercises with my community when here I am, down for the count?”
He responded with “How can you not? This is exactly why people appreciate and benefit from your work – because you experience the challenges first hand and then find new ways to shift into more of who you are and more of who you want to be.”

And to my great relief, that is exactly what I’ve done again – come through the storm even better than before – to share my successes and the cool and easy, one-of-a-kind, Ali mindfulness exercises with all you folks out there excited and ready to move from sucky to soulful…:)

Mindfulness exercises, inspirational words, and cool people can lift you from crash to soar mode….

1 – Meditation tapes and mindfulness exercises by Abraham-Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Rasha, Ernest Holmes, Marianne Williamson, Katie Byron.  All of these folks were some of the amazingly soothing and calming voices that helped me to not feel so alone as I made a solo flight through hell. But it was my amazing life coach/mentor/midwife to my self, Lisa Brick who held my battered body and spirit in her hand and heart as she walked along beside me as I slowly regained my strength.

2 –The support of an unusually compassionate, grounded, holistic and committed psychiatric nurse, Lolita Navarro Iqbal,  for temporary use of medications (weaning off monthly, yahoo!).  Lolita would call me daily for the first two weeks to check in on my progress.  Unbelievable…

3 – The support of two amazing holistic practitioners, Susan Richter and Michael Sabarese, who helped me to build up my weak body and turn around a B vitamin deficiency from two mutated genes that no one every picked up before – a deeply rooted cause that has probably been plaguing me my entire life.

4 – the Weston Price diet to help strengthen my teeth and menopausal body with fat-soluble vitamins.

5 – Doing ascended masters card readings for anyone interested.  I discovered that I’m a pretty intuitive conduit for imparting soul messages –  In case you haven’t heard, being of service is one of the best ways to step out of yourself and connect deeply with source’s healing energy.

My biggest spiritual awakening discoveries become my biggest mindfulness exercises

most important ways I am dealing with anxiety when it rears it’s nasty head is to ask myself  if I am committed to who I am BEING – what are the values that I live by – no matter what shows up for me in life?  Or, am I getting caught up in the ego’s addiction to DOING, doing, doing?

2 – Bringing BEINGNESS into whatever I am doing – or not doing – allows me to breathe and expand – and most importantly – relax in body, mind and soul. A mindfulness exercise that is a simple idea (but at first may not be so simple ) but oh so transforming.

3 – EVERYTHING is part of God’s palate – even the things we resist the most. Letting go of our preconceived notions of what’s “right,” and instead, embracing acceptance and allowing – even beyond our most logical comprehension (thanks Lisa Brick). Nothing, no thing, is “bad” and many times those things we resist can be the life jacket we are desperate for.  This includes medication, twinkies and a day off from work…:)

Are You Okay Being Imperfectly Perfect?

mindfulness exercises can be done anywhereThis last debacle, or dark night of the soul, helped me to be finally okay with being perfectly imperfect and learning how to be comfortable with my-self each and every day.  I am learning how to love “me” – body/mind/spirit issues and all – as I continually strive for natural ways and creative yet simple mindfulness exercises to support my well-being.

With great relief, I’ve realized that a spiritual awakening won’t make me perfect, but it will allow me to feel pretty darn great about being here on planet earth.

So, if you like me, are into fast, easy and cool mindfulness exercises to shift into that “better feeling place” I encourage you to find daily mindfulness practices that rev-up your energy to a higher vibrational frequency.


To get the powerful exercise on how to help waylay anxiety by shifting from DOING into BEING consciousness, check out Shift #1 in Transforming “Ahh Crap! Into A“Wholy Shift!” GO HERE NOW for the downloadable PDF that you can get started on right away. Follow the directions and you’re off and running on a journey that is guaranteed to catapult you into achieving personal growth at the speed of life!


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