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Got Spiritual Awakening?

July 9, 2014 by Comments

Have you had your spiritual awakening today?


Got Spiritual Awakening?


I have a spiritual awakening every day!  Make that many times a day: situations arise that are continually asking me to make a choice: awaken and be free, or, stay stuck in the muck of my judgmental and unforgiving ego….oye.

What does a spiritual awakening mean anyway?

For me, a spiritual awakening is simple:  it means that I have made the choice to respond from my heart – whether it’s during an impending argument with my kid that I waylay by taking a deep breath and smiling; seeing and knowing well-being in every cell of a friend’s who is dealing with cancer; forgiving myself when I call the guy who cut me off in traffic a “stupid jerk” (picked that up from my dad); or, still loving and not divorcing my husband after he’s eaten the last of the chocolate covered almonds that I stashed for myself to eat when I watch my weekly episode of Arrested Development (Hulu recently added the series onto their cache – woohoo!).

It’s so cool that your spiritual awakening creates a win-win situation for everyone!

your spiritual awakening serves everyone! What’s really cool about a spiritual awakening is that when you awaken for a moment – or a couple of hours, or a day, or, well, you get the idea – it doesn’t just serve you, it serves every friggin’ person you come in contact with!  Simple gestures of kindness to others AND to yourself are contagious.  It just grows and grows – like the weeds in your garden!  But the weeds of a spiritual awakening (unlike those in your flower garden) are nurturing, nourishing and necessary to the well-being of our planet.

Here’s an example of a recent pretty cool spiritual awakening I had….

I promise, I will make this long story, short…:)

Car broke down in the parking lot of the school I dropped off my son at for a basketball camp.

Spent an hour waiting for AAA (I love AAA – they always save my butt when my car crashes).

Continually worked on keeping my brain from telling me all the terrible reasons I should be miserable and kept finding things to appreciate, like: it was overcast and although hot and humid, not a blazing sun; the guy at the recycle center was a sweetie and gave me a bottle of water; I had my walking sneakers on.

I decided to walk around the school parking lot instead of sit in my sweltering 100 degree car.  I noticed a sign to the right on one of the tall poles lining the street going up to the school entrance.  It read “Determines.”  Huh? I thought it might be some kind of message for the school buses.  Then I saw that each of the five poles within a city block radius had a similar sign attached.  (I’m originally a New Yorker and really bad at estimating distance so I equate everything to “city blocks.”) I backtracked my steps and this is what I saw:

Pole 1:  TODAY’S

Pole 2:  CHOICE



Pole 5:  REALITY

“Whoa,” thought I.  Confirmation that I am on the right track and definitely in spiritual awakening mode.  Remaining free and breezy by speaking and affirming from my heart….even though I was famished, sweaty, had to pee really bad, and late for work.

How Did My “Today’s Choice Determines Tomorrow’s Reality”?

amazing how mindfulness exercises produce results! When I towed my car to the toyota dealer I found out the next day that there were two recall items on the car that needed to be fixed (totaling $500) that I never would have known about since I had just purchased the used car a couple of months ago through a private transaction.  All covered through the dealer! Breaking down was a blessing! Yeah baby!

3 Mindfulness Exercises To Help You Awaken To Spiritual Awakenings

simple mindfulness exercises to awaken your spiritual awakening

All of these exercises open your heart – and like I said earlier, it’s a simple thing and a daily thing.  The more you do it, the freer you will feel.

1 – Do something nice for a stranger (example: leave an extra quarter in the parking meter, smile at someone you pass by on the street, deeply thank a waitress or waiter for their service – you get the idea)

2 – Count the number of times you see kids laughing (laughing is contagious and by just observing children in joy resets your energy to “ahhhhh…”)

3 – Say “Thank you body!” when you have a good poop and really feel deep gratitude for the amazing way your body gets rid of things you no longer need.  (I don’t know about you, but pooping is one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world –  a great reminder every day or whenever you poop –  to release and let go…:)

Remember, a spiritual awakening isn’t a one-time deal – thankfully!  It’s an orgasm of the heart that keeps on giving – just like the Duracell Bunny.

So what do you have more of? orgasms or spiritual awakenings? Share, share, share…:)


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