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My 7 Spiritual Laws of Success For WTF COVID

August 6, 2020 by Comments

I just re-read the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepok Chopra for a class I’m taking.

It inspired me to come up with my own 7 Spiritual Laws of Success for our WTF COVID times.

I’m not a scientist, or a scholar, or a spiritual guru, or anyone with credentials to back up my laws.  But I am experiencing – like everyone else on the planet – a situation that (as my old coach used to say) is “beyond my logical comprehension.” So I do believe some of my laws may strike a chord…:)

Here goes:

Spiritual Law #1: Don’t Yell At People Even If You’re Freaking Out

This is a tough one when you’re stuck at home for over 5 months with or without family, when your internet isn’t working right, your power goes out in a heat/humid waver, your computer crashes, you’re on hold for over an hour with any utility service you call, your dog has diarrhea or you forget you mask when you go 30 minutes away to shop for food at Costco! But this is a great time to practice self-restraint, resetting and centeredness as you learn how to be patient when everyone in the world including yourself is struggling to find some sort of balance,  comfort and peace. After all, yelling at someone just puts bad juju into the energetic sphere all around us and probably negatively energizes the negative virus thingy that we all hope leaves very, very, very soon.

Spiritual Law #2: Take A Shower Every Day

Good hygiene goes a long way when you’re living together 24/7 in close quarters in the summer (especially when your power is out in 90 degree weather).  Need I say more?

Spiritual Law #3: Don’t Cut Your Own Hair (and that means you Ali!!!)

Truly the most important of all the laws. One that I didn’t abide by and am suffering the consequences of daily.    Just because I learned how to grout the sink, landscape my own front yard, groom my dog (which I do very well actually), why did I ever think I could be my own hairstylist?  Maybe I could get the front section okay, but who the hell can cut the back part of their hair? And when you cut gray hair wrong, especially in humid weather, it looks so friggin’ bad.  Dawn, here I come…

Spiritual Law #4: Tithe

I do a form of tithing in my own way, but not “officially” as a set practice.  I’m starting to get more structured with tithing and even though times now are so uncertain and financially crazy, it has been even more rewarding and uplifting (just makes me feel good basically) each time I share with the person or place I’m tithing to.  Exploring this concept more deeply and acting on it has brought up the awareness that I have been living from a place of a childhood learned perception of lack and fear and constriction when it comes to finances.*  And if I have this fearful perception about finances, I’m sure it bleeds into other areas of my life unconsciously. Abundance consciousness means one is aware of the flow of in and out in all areas of life, and doesn’t need to tightly hold onto anything in order to receive.

* I’ll never forget how my sister, many moons ago used to be a bartender/artist,  living from paycheck to paycheck would happily tithe/tip her waitress/watiers VERY generously – even though she had so little.  Always appreciated that about her. She shared that as a bartender, her experience was that it was the wealthiest of patrons who were the poorest tippers, and the poorest of patrons who were the wealthiest of tippers…:)

Spiritual Law #5: Keep Chocolate In Your Arsenal

As we’re are all learning, being unhealthy can increase your chances of getting this weird virus, (or whatever you want to call it).  However, we all need a good treat now and again.  So go for the more healthy versions! Go for chocolate and throw away the beef jerky, sodas and gummy bears will ya?!?!?!

Spiritual Law #6: Watch Only Uplifting Entertainment

Programs that make you laugh and remind you that there is so much cool and funny stuff in the world helps balance out all the moments of unknown, scary shit that’s going on.  Our favorite nightly TV program is “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (I don’t laugh out loud easily, but there are skits in this show that make me laugh so hard I’m crying!).  Watch this instead of the news before bed and see how much better you sleep.

Spiritual Law #7:  Just Be Kind To EVERYONE..PERIOD.

As far as I’m concerned, we all have to show loving kindness to everyone we meet no matter what.  It’s the only way we can “get through this together” no matter where our viewpoints may differ on many matters right now.  And remember, a smile goes a long way.  Sometimes, when I’m shopping and an employee helps me out,  I lower my mask for a quick second to share a smile.  And they do the same for me.  It’s really cool.  A quick second of appreciation through a smile…very powerful and rewarding.

Got any laws you wanna add?  Comment below or email me at

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